12 Apr 2023


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A Ridgeback Named Jackson, looking utterly boopable and enjoying today’s perfect weather. Want your photo featured? Tag us on instagram! #thehillishome

Happy Spring! There will be a high in the mid-80s today and the land is absolutely covered in thick pollen. Reproductive glands, indeed. What is happening around our Claritin-addled brains?

Today, the Mayor kicked off Jazz in Bloom at Union Station. She also talked about the budget and monies needed for the revitalization of the station. But let’s start by keeping retailers, shall we? We lost MAC and now we lost Bluemercury and the Body Shop. If L’Occitane leaves, I might picket. WJLA-7

A frankly traumatic read from Axios, on exactly how DOH kills rats. Don’t get me wrong: Rats are destructive, awful little creatures. But reading about getting suffocated and trying to exit through a path of poison is a little brutal. Wards 6, 7 and 8 have registered 613, 799 and 308 calls for rat abatement, respectively, so far this year. This year’s call total so far is almost at half the calls of last year, so it’s on track to being a record-breaker.

There will be a Police Service (PSA) area 106, sector 3, meeting at the Miracle Theatre tonight, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. If you cannot attend or have questions, you’re welcome to email the following:

Captain Harding Kevin.harding@dc.gov
Lieutenant Edwards Yusuf.edwards@dc.gov
Lieutenant Mulrooney Megan.mulrooney@dc.gov
Lieutenant Danho Elias.danho@dc.gov
Lieutenant Taylor Kenneth.taylor@dc.gov

For more information on PSAs, click here.

Speaking of crime, one of the two teens involved in the shooting of Commanders’ player Brian Robinson, Jr., skipped town. Do they not put ankle monitors on them or something? WJLA-7

The Washington Post talks about the activity outside Crazy Aunt Helen’s when Drag Story Hour rolls around.

Eastern High School students were due to appear at a showcase at Norfolk State University, but their bus never showed up. It appears the vendor did not have a driver and this led to the fiasco. WJLA-7
This is eerily reminiscent of recent troubles with OSSE-provided buses that cater to students with disabilities, which have made it impossible for some of the kids to attend school. (WUSA-9) Extremely frustrating.

A shocking, sudden farewell to Shoe City, on H Street and everywhere else. Ash Jurberg/Newsbreak

Excellent news for bus riders: Cameras will soon track and ticket motorists who park in bus lanes, making the service safer and more reliable. The Clear Lanes enforcement is a joint venture between Metro and DDOT, and you LOVE to see it. WaPo

The Capitol Hill Community Foundation’s Community Achievement Awardees have been announced and the Hill Rag has a post introducing their achievements.

And in the other Capitol Hill that affects our Capitol Hill. nine news organizations are suing the government for the right to see surveillance tapes from January 6 that so far only Fox News has been able to review. ABC affiliate

The My School DC Lottery saw an uptick in applications. How did your family do this year? WaPo

Due South, the delicious southern-inspired eatery in Navy Yard, is opening a new branch in Chevy Chase. Could go for some BBQ just thinking about this. Eater

And on Earth Day, April 22, the National Cannabis Festival comes to the grounds at RFK and Eater has big info on the Munchies Zone specials, naturally.

Looking for ways to bike with your family? Check out Hill Family Biking. THIH

Check out photos from Petalpalooza last week. Are you in them? WJLA-7

Speaking of the festival, remember that this weekend is going to be a doozy, especially on Saturday: Both the Cherry Blossom “Nation’s Springtime” Parade and Sakura Matsuri, as well as the Emancipation Day parade will take place in downtown, so plan accordingly. Here are street closures for Sakura Matsuri, which will happen along Pennsylvania Avenue NW between 3rd and 7th Streets NW. The Cherry Blossom Parade will happen on Constitution Avenue between 10 a.m. and noon. The Emancipation Day Parade will happen at 2 p.m. on Pennsylvania Avenue, between 10th and 14th Streets NW. Please remember that there will be fireworks on Saturday!

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