29 Mar 2023

Hill Buzz

It’s on SATURDAY! Join us for the Great Ward 6 Spring Clean!

Hey neighbors! What a wonderful spring we’re having, filled with blossoms and happiness…. oh and Republican leaders trying to deny the District of Columbia autonomy, as if we were a woman’s uterus. How predictable. Today, members of the Council of the District of Columbia are testifying in front of Congress. Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen shared his testimony ahead of the 10 a.m. hearing, which you can read here. Below, a poignant quote:

It’s also our reality that meaningful progress is confounded by the absurdity of the District’s criminal justice system – which is within Congress’s power to remedy. You couldn’t have designed a more complicated and unsafe system if you tried. 

For example, we have a local police department, but almost all adult crimes are prosecuted by the federally appointed U.S. Attorney. This position is unaccountable to DC residents. We can’t control whether an arrest is papered or tried in court – frankly, we aren’t even respected enough to be told the outcome of a case on our block. 

You can read a highlight reel of hearing tweets from DCist’s Martin Austermuhle. They start here:

Earlier today, there was a Hands Off DC rally at Seward Square:

Of course, the fact that some random person brutally stabbed a Rand Paul staffer on H Street NE this past Saturday doesn’t exactly help our quest for independence. Should we spend any time talking about our mental health crisis, or should we just scream blindly for more police? We share, you choose. NBC-4

And of course, there is a police officer shortage, so Capitol Riverfront cannot get enough additional help on non-game days. WUSA-9

By the way, the Nationals will have their Opening Day shenanigans tomorrow, March 30, and there will be a PARRAde with the Budweiser Clydesdales beforehand. The parade will start at 10:45 a.m. and happen along M Street SE, between :

In happier news, on Saturday, April 1, join Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen and us as we beautify and clean up our neighborhood! The Great Ward 6 Spring Clean is a chance to say hello to neighbors and take pride in our communities. Starting at 10 a.m. you can choose to beautify around your block or join other cleanups around the area. See this webpage for a full list of the cleanups: we will also have them in our Instagram stories the day before! We will be at the Eastern Market Metro cleanup– see you there?

A closing note on blossoms: Every year, everyone wants to have a little bit of that ephemeral beauty, and every year someone does something really crazy in order to get it. This past weekend, visitors from Virginia thought it would be appropriate to park right on Stanton Park, despite the fact that it is prohibited, and despite the fact that there are young children and older adults walking through there. Please, don’t be that person. And please don’t be surprised if people decide to call the police on you. You are endangering people and blocking the way with your actions. We beg you– please think before you act.

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