11 Oct 2022


Hill Buzz

It’s a beautiful day in our nation’s Capital–– and on Capitol Hill. Read both of those words and pretend there is a sound difference. Always remember: the Capital is the city and the Capitol is the building. What’s good in the hood?

A big reminder: Tomorrow is Walk & Roll to School Day! This annual tradition brings heightened awareness to the need for safe routes for school. The event, as is now tradition, starts at 7:45 a.m. at Lincoln Park. You can find more information here. You can also sign a petition to demand safe routes to school. Even if you are not a parent, we should all demand safer routes to school, work, and everywhere. We need safety, protection and accountability from the District government.

Tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the Harold J. Gordon Building, Community Action Group, 124 15th St SE, there is a special meeting hosted by Chander Jayaraman and ANC commissioner Denise Krepp. The meeting will focus on the crime over the weekend. The public is encouraged to attend.

Hill East Burger. Photo courtesy of Chris Svetlik

Hill East Burger is now open in Hill East! If you’re looking for a cozy joint with Southwestern flair and a lovingly restored jukebox–– as well as some really exciting-sounding burgers–– then this is the place. The former Wisdom space has been given an airy makeover and looks beautiful– can’t wait to give it a try. From the early reports via our Instagram DMs, it sounds like you REALLY, REALLY love the burgers. We’re so happy you’re in the neighborhood, HEB!

This past weekend was Eastern High School’s homecoming and the band marched down East Capitol Street this past Saturday, looping around Lincoln Park and back toward Eastern. It was a magnificent spectacle, with a beautiful falls backdrop. Ahead of the parade, the Washington Post wrote an article about the band, but when they published it on Twitter, their headline was more divisive than anything. Here is a screenshot via @washingtonianprobs on Instagram:

The article is sweet, even if it focuses on the disparities between band and neighborhood, glosses over the complicated history of DC public schools and fails to point out that enrollment from Ward 6 has increased over the past few years. It’s frustrating to see our local newspaper engaging in this kind of divisive rhetoric that lacks context (although it appears the tweet has since been taken down).

Commanders rookie Brian Robinson is back on the field after being shot earlier this year, and that’s a great thing– except for the fact that in this article, the Daily Wire seems to think that the 1000 block of H Street NE is somehow in Carver Langston. My good sirs, no. You tried DC geography and you failed. Carver Langston is safely ensconced east of the Starburst at 15th Street NE and not five blocks to the west. That’s H Street corridor, although if we’re going by this *highly accurate* map delineated by Corey Holman, you’re best calling that area Capitol Hill North (CHiNo? Or perhaps NoCHill for short).

The Hill Rag has details on new appointments at the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee (EMCAC).

WalletHub has declared DC the 5th Greenest City in America and that’s pretty great, considering we’re up there with Portland, Oregon and ahead of Seattle, Washington! What do you think? Do we deserve that spot?

Looking for election information? Many things were decided back in the primary, but there are still a few interesting races and you should definitely vote. Here is a great guide by DCist and an ANC endorsement guide by Greater Greater Washington (which, well… most races are uncontested, but a few are tricky). Here is information from NBC Washington on how and when to cast your mail-in ballot — that is, if you’ve received it. And don’t forget! There is an at-large candidate debate TOMORROW, October 12, hosted by the Friends of the DC Streetcar and co-sponsored by us and WABA. It is virtual and you are encouraged to attend. Just make sure you pre-register here.

The Spooky Hill Halloween map is live! If you decorate your home for Halloween and/or give away special treats the day/weekend of, make sure you appear on our map. Click here to be part of the fun!

In case you missed it, Alto is giving our readers a special discount! If you’re a new customer, enter code HILLISHOME and get $15 two rides!

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