13 Sep 2022


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It’s Tuesday and the air has that little bit of crispness that is the promise of fall– although the mosquitoes haven’t received the memo. Twenty-one years ago, 9/11 happened on a Tuesday much like this one, although the sky was much bluer. Wherever you are reading this, give your loved ones a call, send a text or give them a squeeze.

Union Station is captivating at any time, but if you introduce a balletic, somewhat sinister shadowy figure, it transports you to another place. Great capture, @rrbahe and thank you for tagging us! Tag #thehillishome for a chance to be featured.

What’s going on?

First up, the neighborhood has been impatiently waiting for Capitol Square Bar and Grill to open. The restaurant, which has been in the works for months, is finally showing signs of finishing touches, with brightly colored umbrellas outside, activity, and a friends and family party in recent days. Several neighbors have reported that they’ve seen activity, and one neighbor in particular talked to the owner, who said that Thursday, September 15 may be the day! (Thank you to all of you who corroborated this date over on DMs!) Additionally, Orlan Johnson, one of the developers of the property, took to Facebook group Hill East to say that even though they are still waiting on permits, they are looking forward to welcoming the community and hearing their input. Already a bone of contention in our Instagram comments: the kids’ menu.

Meanwhile another neighbor talked to Della Barba’s owner (14th and East Capitol NE) and it appears the shop will be reopening around October 1. Great news!

And Mason and Greens will open officially on September 17, when all their perishables come into the store. However, you can step in and buy in bulk already at your heart’s content. This is begging for some sort of comparison shopping, isn’t it?

Want to check other anticipated openings around the area? Eater has a recent rundown, including Irregardless, coming into the former Le Grenier space starting today, September 13, and Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen coming to the Wharf.

Incidentally, irregardless may be a word you look down upon, but it is a proper (if non-standard) English word and has been so for over 200 years, according to Merriam-Webster–– in a way, a word that’s looked down upon for no particular reason, much like when you pronounce “ask” as “ax,” which is also a legit pronunciation. Sorry, grammar nerds.

Don’t forget! H Street Festival is happening this weekend and there will be a LOT of street closures, which you can find here. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, click here.

Neighbor Mark Sussman is a crusader for bike lanes, and his latest caper earned him a lot of attention: He created fake parking tickets to educate drivers parking incorrectly along the bike lane on first street SE– a lane that’s over two years old but where people still insist on parking. Sussman created the fake citations in response to the very limited enforcement by DDOT. The agency can and does . WUSA has more of the story. Be careful out there, Mark!

Last Friday, a metro rider set fire inside a car and the fire ––which was quickly extinguished–– snarled service along the orange, blue and silver lines. It also caused chaos at Eastern Market Metro, both underground and on the surface. DCist. Additionally, it seems there was a mental health emergency near the station at the same time, adding to the chaotic atmosphere.

A sweet look back at a couple of neighbors who lived at 8th and Massachusetts NE, and the new life their home has taken. Hill Rag

Colbert I. King’s recent opinion in the Washington Post made the rounds among our readership. We agree that youth crime, especially armed carjacking, is on the rise–– take Labor Day weekend’s spate of violence, for instance–– and that there doesn’t seem to be an elegant and simple solution in sight to curb it. However, King uses his platform to question and skewer city government, all while leaving the question of what, exactly, is pushing really young kids to increasingly violent crime. The Washington Post editorial board doubled down on this take, and while their opinion acknowledges the need for better options for youth offenders, it too went down an accusing road, complaining about the DC council’s refusal to hire more police as a glaring problem. But does DC need more police? According to a 2020 article from WUSA-9, which uses numbers similar to our present force but also uses a larger DC population than we currently have, our numbers are the highest in the nation for a city over 250,000 people. What we need is not more empty reactionary rhetoric: we need things like better training for the forces we already have; targeted help for youth and at-risk families and fewer guns and fewer ghost guns.

Affordable housing is coming to 16th and Benning NE, thanks to just under $90M in financing from local and federal programs. There is no address on the post, but we assume that it will be located on the south side of Benning Road NE, where the former Trinidad Baptist Church used to be. Bisnow

Looks like the neighbors around Walter Street were able to buy Mott’s Market. Yay! Hill Rag

A wonderful article about the star of the late summer harvest: the humble, mysterious, fragrant and sometimes misunderstood paw paw fruit. You can also get paw paws at Eastern Market– make sure you follow them on Instagram because they post when fruit becomes available. Baltimore Magazine

WalletHub has a listicle on child vaccinations and while DC is doing okay in the number 20 position, we could do better. Make sure you vaccinate your kiddos, and if you’re into it, why not get your flu shots and boosters for COVID? Try one of our local COVID centers: they are quick, efficient and incredibly nice. Just remember that our local center is not open on Tuesdays.

Did you know that Milan’s train station was patterned after Union Station? Thanks to reader Lucas Keene for sharing!

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