08 Jun 2022


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Don’t know about you, but I’m glad we’re getting some rain and cooler temps. What’s going on?

Have you tried the newly re-opened Santa Rosa Taqueria? Reader Louise Dettman did and she gave it a rave review. Thank you for tagging us, Louise!

We start with a sad bit of news: Congress Market, the corner store on 5th and East Capitol SE, is closing for good. Reader Caroline sent us this tweet with a poster announcing the store closing sale. Reader Carrie said that the owner, Mr. Kim, is retiring. We wish him a happy retirement but will miss this lovely store that kept us in the ice cream many a warm evening.

On Friday, the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center was vandalized. Overnight, someone wrote “Jane says revenge” and smeared red paint on the door, as well as egging the building. We first saw the news through Mary Margaret Olohan’s Twitter and quickly, several readers sent photos, which we shared on Instagram, where the post received a lot of comments– many of them deeply polarizing. We don’t condone violence to any neighbors; having said that, we also understand that the discourse surrounding reproductive health is deeply divided and toxic.

The Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center opened Pride Medical this month, catering to the LGBTQ+ community. WAMU

When Metro closes three stations on the orange line, who suffers? The Washington Informer has the answer.

ANC Redistricting woes continue, but the DC Jail will continue to have its own ANC. DCist

There was a shooting on Pennsylvania SE, near Eastern Market metro, over the weekend. PoPville

Don’t know about you, but every new story we learn about January 6 fills us with angst and stress. One of the latest from the Washington Post, about then-President Trump wanting streets blocked so he could join the mob from his motorcade feels like a slap on the face to Hill workers and residents.

Looking for the District pool and spray park schedules going forward? Click here and here. And by the way! Late Night Drip and Late Night Hype are keeping select pools and spray parks open after hours. Check out more information here.

Election Links

As you start making your choices in the primary, don’t forget we have YouTube conversations with Robert White and James Butler for mayor, as well as Erin Palmer and Phil Mendelson for council chair. You may also want to check out this quirky guide from the folks at Axios and another one from WUSA-9. Previously, we’ve also shared a guide by the Washington Post. Confused about how to vote and when? AFRO has a great “refresher mini-course.” If you want to base your decision on where, geographically, the candidates live, we went ahead and found out where candidates for AG, at-large and Council Chair live here on Twitter. Just to be thorough, Robert White lives in Ward 4 as does incumbent Mayor Bowser. Trayon White lives in Ward 8.

As a reminder, Election Day is June 21, and it is a primary election– meaning that these are designed to reduce the field of candidates within a party. According to the Board of Elections, as of April 30, over 76% of the District is registered Democratic; therefore the primary round generally determines the outcome of the November election. (While I realize many of you work in politics and can recite this in your sleep, you’d be surprised how many people are at least a little confused on this issue at a local level.)

Reminder: WATER THOSE TREES! All trees need water, but especially younger trees. If you see a recently-planted tree, give it some water as often as you can while it gets established! And if you see a neglected tree, send us a picture and a location to info@thehillishome.com, so we can highlight it in our new feature, “Water the damn trees, please.”

Localish and delish (and featuring ex-THIH food writer Tim Ebner): If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Old Bay seasoning and the true taste of Maryland Crab, this story from Dish City will delight you.

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