03 May 2022


Protest Signs at SCOTUS

The scene down at the Supreme Court is constantly changing and dynamic, but these are some of the signs and sights earlier today. As a reminder, there is a rally starting at 5 p.m. and hosted by Shut Down DC. More info here.

This is possibly the most truthful and poignant sign. All photos by María Helena Carey
There was lots of surveillance, of course. Both MPD and Capitol Police were on the scene, moving bike racks and making sure people stayed off the road. (MHC)
But the signs took center stage, like this one that renames the Supreme Court (MHC)
Or this one, that places more of the burden on the non-gestating partner (also known as the man, in non-woke circles) (MHC)
The messages were simple but direct. (MHC)
And as well as signs, there were phones everywhere (MHC)
“Abortion is NOT a dirty word” (MHC)
Look, Lauren Boebert: The pussy hats are making a comeback (MHC)
“Why don’t you TRUST WOMEN” (MHC)
These ladies were selling bandanas and establishing green as the color for abortion rights (MHC)
“Stop hating each other because you disagree”– Truth Conductor (MHC)

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