25 Jan 2022

Barracks Row:

Yes, POTUS really came down to hang out on the Hill

President Biden poses with the children and teachers at Capitol Learning Academy, January 25, 2022. Photo via CLA’s Twitter.

A 40-something degree day means getting away with a lighter coat and perhaps indulging in a cold treat. This is exactly what the President of the United States must have had in mind when he and his security detail dropped by the 500 and 700 blocks of 8th Street SE this afternoon, at around 2 p.m. The first tweet alerting us to the Very Important Shopper came in a few minutes before 2 p.m. Reader Jason Shervin tagged us in a tweet by Daily Mail reporter Nikki Schwab:

But Honey Made, the adorable gift and #treatyoself store in the 700 block of Barracks Row was not the only one to get a visit. POTUS also made time for the kids at Capitol Learning Academy and posed for photos. How adorable is this?

No word on whether he also had his palm read at District Psychic.

Reader Rikki Miller tagged us in her excitement. In her photo you see him and his security detail walking past Honey Made:

At Honey Made, Biden picked up a few presents. Among the goodies, he selected a card from Billie Claire Handmade that reads “AAAAGH! I miss your face!” and a Kamala Harris mug, which has sold out and you can preorder here.

Per a video by independent journalist Andrew Leyden, Biden then took a stroll and shook the hand of some of the Marines standing guard outside the Marine Barracks. Then, he headed for ice cream to Jeni’s, where he ate a scoop of blackout chocolate cake and one of salted peanut butter. Big thank you to reader Claire August for this very important piece of intel:

It’s really great to have a President who makes time to drop by and visit local shops, schools and ice cream parlors. Some of you were not exactly pleased that his ice cream of choice was Ohio-based Jeni’s, but the chain also started as a small business. It’s also worth noting that the President walked only a short distance (two blocks) before wrapping up his visit. We hope he comes back again soon, perhaps to Eastern Market? Here’s a parting thought for anyone who’s listening (thanks CM Allen!):

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