26 Jan 2022

Hill Buzz

Sending you warm hellos from my blanket and pillow fort. What’s going on?

Screenshot of a story by @asyouarebar on Instagram

Yesterday was just a bit bananas when the Top Banana in Chief decided to do a little shopping for his boo and his bestie at Honey Made, and then went to get himself a little ice cream. We have the rundown of his afternoon here.

There is a new COVID center at Arena Social, at 507 8th Street SE. The announcement, which also shared news about a Ward 5 center at 2300 Washington Place NE, came at the end of a week that saw the first COVID centers popping up in Wards 1, 2, 7 and 8. We’re assuming that the locations for Wards 3 and 4 will be forthcoming before the end of this week. More information here. If you’re wondering what a COVID center is, well… it’s a permanent place where you can get vaccinated, boosted and tested. How practical is that?

In case you missed it, the vaccine mandate went into effect on January 15 and most businesses have complied– or if they haven’t complied, they are subtle about their dissent. Not so with The Big Board, which you may have read about in last week’s Buzz. What’s new in this saga? Well-meaning Daily Caller readers have started a dubious-sounding fundraiser to, in the words of the URL, “fight communism.” POLITICO has a charming rundown of who’s donated in the political world, but we are most intrigued by the top donor, a Matthew van Haaren who’s donated $5000 to, um, “stand up to the tyranny.”

If you’re feeling the spirit of Mr. van Haaren but toward what most would deem a more worthwhile cause, please help the Sticky Fingers/Fare Well family cope with the grief, loss and economic setbacks from a COVID death. Their GoFundMe is here. Please donate and share.

Urban Turf has an extensive rundown on all the projects coming to the H Street/Benning Street area. While it is intriguing to see what may be coming to the AutoZone lot, it feels like the end of an era for certain conveniences. We will not miss the dumped motor oil, per se, but we will miss the H Street-ness of the whole thing. At least the building will have 20% IZ.

If you don’t get Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen’s weekly updates, you can read his latest, from Thursday, January 20, here.

Santa Rosa Taqueria is almost back. This weekend, we spotted a beautiful new sign on the corner:

And in very happy news, As You Are, the queer bar and safe space coming to 8th Street SE will have a liquor license. In a special meeting yesterday, ANC commissioners voted unanimously 10-0 in favor of this license. As You are via Instagram

Thamee‘s last day came early, on Friday, January 21, per their Instagram. The sudden move from the 23 to the 21 had to happen due to one of the team contracting COVID. The beloved Burmese restaurant decided to close shop despite having a rabid fan base because “the sales weren’t there,” according to an article in Washingtonian.

We had a tour of the AC Hotel Washington DC Capitol Hill Navy Yard. hotel the other day and it’s going to be SO LOVELY. The views alone are magnificent. The Hill is Home

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