21 Dec 2021


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Happy Winter Solstice to ALL WARDS! Bring light to your spaces and charge up your crystals. Above all, please engage in one true self-care activity every day, because at this point, we are on marathon mode and we have to keep going. By the way, happy Capricorn season to all who celebrate. Wishing you much hustle and much money. Did you know that DC is the 7th best city for Capricorns, according to LawnLove? And now you know.

Many local restaurants have lovely Christmas dinners which you can also get for takeout, like Bistro Cacao. This delightful dessert photo is from their Instagram, via our hashtag #thehillishome

Yesterday, Mayor Bowser held a situational update. The biggest takeaways? Mask mandate is back on through January 31 and schools will open two days late, on January 5. January 3 and 4 will be dedicated to distributing COVID tests to students, teachers and staff. You can pick up the tests at any DCPS school– not just at your child’s assigned school. There will also be antigen tests at several locations around DC starting tomorrow, 12/22. For more highlights and a link to the archived briefing, click here.
Ironically, Councilmember Trayon White, who opposed the end of the mask mandate, tested positive for COVID on Friday, December 17. We wish him a speedy recovery and no lasting effects. DCist

Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen sent a ward update yesterday. You can read it here. I look forward to sharing Ward 7 Councilmember updates going forward as well. Also, let me take the time to wish Ward 7 Councilmember Vince Gray a speedy recovery from his recent stroke and look forward to getting to know him and his staff better over the next ten years.

Need to ride Metro? Check out their reduced service schedule and holiday hours here.

In absolutely horrifying neighborhood news, a man named Jerome Razor attacked a dad and his children during a stroll by throwing bricks at the trio. The family was walking near Marion park, in the 600 block of E Street SE, when the man pulled bricks out of his backpack and hurt the family. FOX-5 has more details. We hope everyone has a smooth recovery and is able to eventually put this horrific incident behind them.

In related news, you may remember Emily Lebowitz, the mom who was assaulted by another seemingly mentally ill person on December 6. Her assailant is in custody and the Lebowitzes are raising money for the National Association on Mental Illness. You can donate here.

In baffling news, Attorney General Karl Racine will no longer be representing Department of Corrections officials in the contentious battle over jail conditions. WTOP has more, as well as DCist.

Bloomberg Law has an article about two men, Bruce Spiva and Brian Schwalb, who are vying for Mr. Racine’s Attorney General seat. Racine announced earlier this year he won’t seek re-election.

In renaming news, Brent Elementary will no longer bear the name of Washington city’s first mayor and a man who actively kept the city segregated with hurtful laws. You can practically hear the Washington Examiner gritting its teeth through the article (Yes, Virginia, newspapers have teeth). Incidentally, friends, Corey Holman’s SMD is not the area directly around Brent Elementary– he just happens to be part of ANC 6B.

Thrillist is super excited about Kailua’s ramen. Can’t wait to stop in and try it.

In expansion news, Call Your Mother will expand to the West End in 2022, inside Mercy Me at the Yours Truly hotel. Congratulations!

Omicron will affect restaurants again, but several in our area, like Maketto and Mozzeria, are already closing and pivoting to takeout only. Support them and tip generously, folks. WUSA-9

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