14 Sep 2021

Hill Buzz

Good afternoon, neighbors. Starting today’s Buzz with my deepest condolences to the family of Allison Hart, a 5-year old girl from Brookland who was killed by a taxi van driver yesterday a few minutes before 7 p.m. Vision Zero is not working. Read this piece from April of this year in Greater Greater Washington. Here is a poignant quote:

“Slowing drivers down means, well, slowing drivers down, something many don’t take too kindly to. To avoid that backlash, it’s clear the city decided to try almost anything else first.” 

The Anacostia river has come a long way, but there is still so much work to do. Photo by Maria Helena Carey via our Instagram hashtag #thehillishome

Things got heavy right away and they are only going to get worse because schools are next. Full disclosure: I am a parent of two DCPS students. Skip a couple of paragraphs if you’re not here for school stuff.

Mayor Muriel Bowser has been busy touring schools with Chancellor Ferebee at Capitol Hill Montessori at Logan and, of particular note, with the President and the First Lady at Brookland Middle School on Friday. We want to be excited about the modernized spaces and about the relatively good job the District is doing in regards to COVID. However, both schools have had positive COVID tests coming in shortly after those visits. A Twitter account, DCPS COVID Cases, is tracking all the positive notifications across the District.

Friend of the blog and guest writer Danica Petroshius’s family became infected with COVID this past week. Petroshius’s children are both too young to be vaccinated. She and fellow parent Shelley Brown wrote a letter to Chancellor Ferebee. You can click here to read it or click through the Tweet below:

As cases spread throughout District schools, many wonder when it will be an appropriate time to listen to many parents who have been requesting a virtual option for their children since before the beginning of the 21-22 school year. The Washington Post‘s Perry Stein chronicles some of the difficulties parents and schools have encountered in trying to set up outdoor lunches and trying to keep their children safe. ANC commissioner Evan Yeats adds some context to the article:

The United States Capitol Police used their common sense and their eyes. On Sunday, officers bet that the black pick-up truck missing a license plate, covered with carved swastikas and other hate symbols and parked near the Democratic National Committee was probably not a harbinger of good news. Inside, they found a Donald Craighead of Oceanside, California. He was armed with a machete, a bayonet and “a collection of knives.” He was arrested for possession of prohibited weapons. Police report here.

It’s not clear yet whether Mr. Craighead was going to participate in Saturday’s rally, but as The Hill and Politico report, authorities are preparing and bracing. Fencing will go back up around the Capitol complex on a temporary basis, and surveillance towers have already started to pop up:

I loved the way Politico‘s Katherine Tully-McManus phrased it:

FENCES MAKE GOOD… NEVERMIND — The massive metal fence that encircled the Capitol following the Jan. 6 attack is expected to return ahead of next week’s rally to defend those arrested following the insurrection. The move is sure to spark strong feelings among lawmakers, staff and residents of Capitol Hill.

The H Street festival is happening the same day as the rally, because why not? I have tried to reach out to organizers to see if there are any contingent plans but have not heard back as of this post going live. The festival will take place from noon until 7 p.m. If you go to the festival (which is a real blast and will hopefully happen without incident other than your having too much fun while there), wear your mask and wash your hands as much as you can. If you see anyone behaving suspiciously, call the Metropolitan Police tip line at (202) 727-9099.

Per DC Police traffic, you may not park on H Street NE from 3rd to 14th Streets NE starting at 4 a.m. on Saturday. Below, the street closures that will be in place starting at 4 a.m. until 11 p.m.on Saturday.

  • H Street, NE from 3rd Street, NE to 14th Street, NE
  • 4th Street, NE from G Street, NE to I Street, NE (local traffic only)
  • 5th Street, NE from G Street, NE to I Street, NE (local traffic only)
  • 6th Street, NE from G Street, NE to I Street, NE (local traffic only)
  • 7th Street, NE from G Street, NE to I Street, NE (local traffic only)
  • 8th Street, NE from G Street, NE to I Street, NE (local traffic only)
  • 9th Street, NE from G Street, NE to I Street, NE (local traffic only)
  • 10th Street, NE from G Street, NE to I Street, NE (local traffic only)
  • 11th Street, NE from G Street, NE to I Street, NE (local traffic only)
  • 12th Street, NE from G Street, NE to I Street, NE (local traffic only)
  • 13th Street, NE from G Street, NE to I Street, NE (local traffic only)
  • 14th Street, NE from Florida Avenue, NE to Maryland Avenue, NE
  • Florida Avenue and H Street, NE (No westbound traffic on H Street, NE)

If we make it to Sunday in one piece, Washingtonian has a great round-up of places with tasty brunches and pretty riverside views. I would add Agua 301 to this list. We had a really tasty brunch this past Saturday, framed by lovely water fixture, bridge and river views.

Oh yeah, check out how nicely the La Casina space is coming along! Robert popped over yesterday and got a tour. La Casina will open at the end of the month.

By the way, redistricting is happening. and a public hearing on September 29 –the first of eight– will kick off the process. Greater Greater Washington

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