28 Jul 2021


The Baltimore & Potomac Railroad Bridge

One of the more striking structures to be seen from the Anacostia is the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad Bridge or Anacostia Railroad Bridge (RSP)
Originally built in 1872, and rebuilt in 1971, it has a central section that can be raised to allow larger watercraft to pass (RSP)
Fortunately, kayaks do no need any extra headroom, as you have to give CSX a couple days advance notice if you want them to raise the bridge (RSP)
Apparently, Ayn Rand fans have been here (RSP)
The bridge does not go perpendicularly across the river, so stretches out for quite some distance, though not as much as in past times, when the river was a fair bit wider. (RSP)
While originally built for passenger rail, today it is used only for freight. This train will be in the Virginia Avenue tunnel in a few minutes (RSP)

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