27 Jul 2021


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Hey there! After a couple of days that felt like Not July, we are back to heat with a vengeance. Please be careful out there, especially if you or people with you are younger or elderly. Incidentally, if you’re a smoker you could also find yourself having a hard time breathing. Per DC Homeland Security,

The thing about fine particles is that they diffract light so beautifully. A stunning capture by @ultravioletvoodoo via our hashtag #thehillishome on Instagram.

(7/27 at 8:09AM) @NWS_BaltWash reports an Air Quality Alert is in effect for Tues., July 27. Code Orange Air Quality Alert means air pollution concentrations may become unhealthy for children, people suffering from asthma, heart disease or other lung diseases and the elderly.

There is a possible thunderstorm brewing later this evening, so maybe that’ll help with the air quality.

Today was the first day of the House oversight hearing to look into the events of January 6. NPR has been broadcasting the hearing live and they also have a recap here. A snippet of testimony shared by Washington Post reporter Colby Itkowitz is poignant:

The CDC updated their mask guidelines from mid-May‘s “anyone who is fully vaccinated can go without a mask” free-for-all to reflect the fact that
there are many pockets in the nation where vaccinations are low. Now, the CDC wants vaccinated people to wear masks in low vaccination areas. The Hill. But frankly, considering how breakthrough infections are on the rise, maybe just keep wearing that mask as much as you can. CDC.gov

Shelter at The Roost is fully opening their bar with 50 beers on tap and it reads like a who’s-who of beer crafting. Here is an abbreviated list of the beers that might make a hophead swoon (I’ll put a longer version on Instagram and Twitter):

Cantillon Kriek 2017, Fruit Lambic (5.0%)
Cushwa Electrofruit: Triple Berry Cobbler, Fruited Sour Ale (6.0%)
Harviestoun Schiehallion, Pale Lager (4.8%)
Jester King 2019 SPON: 3 Year Blend, Wild Ale (5.5%)
Other Half Small Green Everything, Hazy Session IPA (4.8%)
Oxbow Again & Again, Mixed Fermentation Ale (3.5%)
The Veil Mega Beast Freak, Hazy Double IPA (8.0%)
Tilquin Mûre 2020, Fruit Lambic (4.8%)
Traunstein Dunkel, Dunkel Lager (5.0%)
Wunderkammer Folk Costume 3, Mixed Fermentation Ale (5.5%)

The Washington Post did a feature on Chasten Buttigieg and his adventures and misadventures as a DC newbie. Also, the Capitol Hill rent bit got really real:

“We’re doing fine for ourselves, and [yet] the city is almost unaffordable,” he adds, while driving their Subaru Outback up I-395. “Which tells you how extremely unaffordable it is for many people.” (The transportation secretary’s salary is $221,400.)

Speaking of moneyed people, last week, the Council of the District of Columbia voted to increase taxes on those making $250,000 and above. The additional revenue will fund educators and help the poorest in the District. WTOP. Many progressives are happy about this proactive redistribution of wealth, but not everyone thinks it’s a good idea. The chief arguments center on the fact that wealthy people can choose to relocate to Virginia and Maryland to avoid paying higher taxes, which would put a strain on small business. Tax Foundation. Fair point, but you don’t see many millionaires fleeing California, which has a higher tax rate.

Funny how we are losing babies to gun violence in Southeast DC but what it takes to make people really angry is to fire shots a little too close to a trendy spot like Le Diplomate. First of all, I am so very sorry that this happened– at all. No one deserves to be shot. No one deserves to be hurt and to be a victim of gun violence. But it’s hard not to feel jaded that attention, coverage and outrage are all so very uneven. That very neighborhood has had regular gun violence less than one block to the north, but it’s usually poorer neighbors who are hurt. People are fed up about gun violence and the Washington Post reports.

Closing this week’s Hill Buzz with this thread about someone who used to live in the neighborhood. Please make sure you click through:

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