22 Jun 2021

Hill Buzz

Good rainy, cooler afternoon! Today is a shorter day by about six seconds– do you miss the light yet? Just kidding– we still have have over 14 hours of daylight. How best to use them?

Have you taken a look at the new Eastern Market Metro Park? There are gorgeous benches, a bandstand, a beautifully repaved 7th Street and more! There was a ribbon-cutting on Thursday, June 17. Unfortunately, Ward Councilmember Charles Allen had a previously scheduled budget oversight hearing and was unable to be there. Makes you wonder why the ribbon-cutting was scheduled on a day where the person who’s championed this project would knowingly be otherwise engaged, but scheduling isn’t a perfect science.

Inmate Joel Caston is officially ANC commissioner for single member district 7F07, and this brings a little more representation and humanity to the DC Jail. ANC 7F07 represents the DC Jail as well as the Tubman Women’s shelter and new apartment complex Park Kennedy. Congratulations to him and best of luck! Washington Informer

Support local, independently-owned stores! Photo of Scott Abel in front of Solid State Books via their Instagram and obtained via screenshot

Washingtonian rounds up all the wonderful book places around town now open for in-person browsing, including the Library of Congress and our lovely friends at Solid State Books– now open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. NB to Washingtonian– the co-owner’s name is Scott Abel, not Abdel.

A reminder that the Capitol Hill Fourth of July parade is on and it’s probably going to be BIG. You can find more information here and you can register your group here.

The Capitol Fence has made for some strange bedfellows: Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) recently sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi to urge her to reopen the United States Capitol complex to the people. It really is time to bring down the fence, or at least allow access to everyone. Please.

Flavored tobacco will soon be banned in the District of Columbia except at hookah halls, which seems like a move focused on discouraging kids from trying out those awful, cloying tobacco flavors like bubblegum but which has some racial overtones that cannot be ignored. Also, when was the last time that banning a substance made people go, “You know what? That ban sounds like it’s got my best interest at heart and I should quit doing the thing already”? DCist

If you’re interested in the future of Eastern Market, The Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee or EMCAC, will hold a meeting on Wednesday, June 23, at 7 p.m. The Zoom link and login are as follows:


Meeting ID: 840 1942 5801 Passcode: 668544

Additional login options can be found over at the Hill Rag. The EMCAC website does not appear to be maintained regularly and there is no link to the June meeting.

Finally, some really great news in the exciting genre of places that are more open:

DoorDash’s DashMart does not make for great neighbors:

And finally, today was the second DC Statehood hearing in Congress and it went well. Some parting words from our friends at 51 for 51:

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