02 Jun 2021


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Our limited edition Pride t-shirt is available! Illustration courtesy of CustomInk (design by yours truly)

Have you spent today realizing it’s already Wednesday? Seems a lot longer than a year ago that former President Trump had peaceful protesters tear-gassed so he could hold a bible upside-down for a photo-op (NPR). There is a lot more that could be said about that; instead, I wish you all a very happy Pride month! We are selling limited-edition THIH Pride t-shirts, printed by CustomInk— white with a rainbow heart and the hashtag #loveislove. If you want one, fill out this form! You can also sign up to decorate your home in Pride finery and be included in a map by the Capital Pride Alliance. More information here.

Love seeing the city decked out in its rainbow finery. Photo by Maria Helena Carey via our Instagram feed.

What else is going on?

Last week, Mayor Bowser released the budget for year 2022 (EOM). If you scroll to the bottom of the presentation link, you can take a survey to weigh in on your opinion.

Budgets are complex things unless you’re willing to put in the time and energy to understand how monies are allocated. This breakdown by the Washington Post is a good place to start. I also urge you to follow people such as ANC commissioner Robb Dooling, who is also an activist in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community– a large and important community thanks to the proximity of Gallaudet University, because there are portions of the budget that need added attention:

Public schools are also looking at budget constraints that might endanger positions such as librarians. Per the Ward 6 Schools Parent Organization (another great follow):

And speaking of schools, if you haven’t, you gotta enroll the kiddos. (EnrollDCPS) Your school’s office staff will appreciate your correctly filled-in and documented almost as much as the goodies from Administrative Assistants’ month.

Our condolences to the StreetSense family and to the family of David Denny. Mr. Denny was a Capitol Hill vendor, as well as an advocate and a poet.

Redistricting, the reorganization of ward boundaries by population that happens after every census, is not going to be a very smooth process as a result of the pandemic and its data delays. Ward 6 is bound to be one of the most deeply affected wards since we’ve had a population explosion and parts of Hill East might become part of Ward 7. DCist takes a look at the real sticky points of redistricting: the tight turnaround time to get it done and the concerns of potentially losing parking benefits if your part of town switches wards. Oh, how much simpler things seemed ten years ago, when the biggest concern was whether Shaw would stay in Ward 2 or become part of Ward 6 and Rosedale neighbors held a rally to continue being part of Ward 6 . Whoa (WaPo).

An in-depth look at the H Street “open air” marijuana market, which is becoming a multi-faceted problem throughout the business corridor. Hill Rag

Reminder! All parking enforcement is ON as of yesterday. No longer will we have COVID-related amnesty and free rein to park anywhere (NBC Washington) but there is also an actual amnesty period for unpaid tickets that people might want to take advantage of: if you’ve been issued a ticket BEFORE September 21, 2021, you can pay your tickets without additional penalties, and you can even do so through the DMV app. Click here to learn more or scan the QR code below to download the app. By the way, if you haven’t renewed your ID, you have until July 1 to renew. Go here.

Scan this with your phone to download the DMV app

Rosedale is among the many vaccination centers that will close by the end of June. DCist

Over in NoMa, neighbors are concerned over the sharp increase in crime. While there is a large homeless population that lives in the underpass area and which many residents feel is to blame for the increase in crime, it’s important to remember that homeless residents are also victims of crimes. WUSA-9

DoorDash is opening a DashMart in the old Frager’s temporary space. Capitol Hill Corner

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