03 Jun 2021

A few questions with Tend Dental, coming in August

For some of us who are fortunate to have had few cavities, going to the dentist has always felt more of a spa visit. However, for a majority of people, a trip to the dentist is anything but a spa experience. A new provider, Tend Dental, originally established in the New York City area, is coming to the DC area in early August. They will be opening a Capitol Hill office at 600 Pennsylvania Avenue SE. Tend seeks to change people’s perception of dental visits. I chatted with Helen Zhang, who is director of communications for Tend, and asked her a few questions about what you can expect about this new dental practice. The responses have been lightly edited for clarity

A typical Tend Dental office. Photo courtesy of Tend Dental.

Can you tell me more about approaching dentistry as a spa experience? What is the thinking behind that?

Tend is dentistry the way it should be: hassle-free, personalized and straightforward. The Tend experience begins with one-click booking: We even have a mobile app. We have up-front pricing and the ability for patients to curate their ideal visit –from what flavor toothpaste they would like in their amenity kit to what they’d like to watch on Netflix. Tend’s studios are expertly designed to be beautiful, calm and inviting. When you arrive, patients can freshen up in our signature brush bar, the Brushery, before heading to their suite. By taking away traditional pain points of the dentist, we believe we can reframe the way people approach their oral health, and improve their overall wellness. 

How will the in-person experience differ from more traditional dentistry, other than amenities such as Netflix?

  1. The Tend experience starts online or on the Tend Dental app, with easy one-click booking and transparent pricing based on your insurance provider. As you book, you can also curate your visit based on what you like (and don’t like)
  2. When you arrive, you’ll notice all of Tend’s studios are thoughtfully located and beautifully designed. Patients are greeted and shown to Tend’s brush bar, The Brushery, for freshening up.
  3. We’ve re-imagined the traditional experience, using cutting edge technology such as low-noise drills and 20 second X-ray scans to provide smarter, faster care 
  4. Tend brings patients into the process, with clear explanations from doctors who are never rushed and won’t push unnecessary procedures. Our doctors and hygienists inform and encourage patients, without guilting them about their flossing habits. Beyond cleaning and cavities, dentists educate patients on the many factors that impact oral health, such as sleep and diet, in order to provide a holistic approach to care.
Another part of the Tend Dental experience. Photo courtesy of Tend Dental.

Will it be easier for new patients to switch to Tend, if they want? 
Yes. Tend accepts multiple insurance providers and is always transparent about pricing prior to your visit. 

For same-day dentistry, will there be a premium price attached? 

Is Tend committed to being involved in their local community? 
Absolutely. We do this often in New York and are looking forward to partnering with local businesses in the DC community. We don’t like to boast about our charity efforts, but we made a large PPE donation to New York Presbyterian Hospital during the peak of the pandemic, among others.
Also, over 20 team members in New York will be participating in the Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Run in late June as a way to get involved in local community initiatives. 

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