04 May 2021


“Oh! We don’t use the Q-word around here.”

We sent out our photographer on April 28 to document what the Capitol looked like ahead of President Biden’s address to the joint session of Congress. We had heard of ‘police presence’ in Lincoln Park, so that’s where he found…this. (rsp)
Closer to the Capitol, it was a familiar look – no going past 3rd street. But other than the number of buses parked along East Capitol, pretty much business as usual. *(rsp)
While Independence was blocked off, the fencing was not as…thorough… as in the past (rsp)
This led to problems beyond here, where it was possible to get behind the fencing, leadng to some very agitated National Guard troops (fortunately, a USCP officer took pity on our photographer and allowed him to exit onto Washington Street (rsp)
A new use for a bus. Don’t think any DC tour guides will try this, though (rsp)
Just before taking this picture, our photographer found himself in conversation with a USCP who was interested in the pictures being taken. Then, our photographer made the mistake of wishing him “a quiet evening.” The officer visibly recoiled, saying “Oh, we don’t use the Q-word around here!” In spite of this faux pas, it did remain a quiet evening. Except the helicopter, whose presence reminded all Hill residents of what was going on until late into the night (rsp)

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