04 May 2021


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May the Fourth Be With You! Allergies are itching and so are mosquitoes: It must be spring in the east coast! What’s going on in our neck of the woods?

May the Fourth (and some ibuprofen) be With You! Another chuckler from our friends at The Haymaker Bar on Instagram

Well, last week I was super excited to bring you much cicada information, but after some of the sightings from 2004 and especially 1997 that many of you shared on Instagram and Twitter, I don’t know that knowledge is power. I keep seeing little holes everywhere but no swarm, so let’s keep it that way, Magicicadas.

Okay, I can’t resist a bit of eggheadery: Brood X (pronounced Brood ten, like the iPhone) is made up of three main species, called Magicicada septendecim (yes, seventeen in Latin!), M. cassinii and M. septendecula (a decade and seven, so another seventeen). Cicadas all come out at once (usually) to make sure that all predators have their fill of cicada buffet and to ensure that there is enough cicadas left over to mate. When you’re not the smartest insect to begin with, you have to budget for continuing the species. They are completely harmless and populate the bottom of the food chain, so be gentle with our croaky friends. The Washington Post has beautiful infographic and will have a Q&A on May 6. NBC-4 also has great information and photos.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and if you’re of age, WCP has a list of essential spicy margaritas for you, including Paraiso Taqueria, The Duck and the Peach and Él Bebe. For the younger set, come on out to Lincoln Park at 7:45 a.m. and celebrate Cinco de Biko! It’s Bike to School day and you’re invited. More details here.

After Jim Pagels’ death as well as other recent traffic fatalities, it’s clear that while Vision Zero is ambitious when compared to the thorough lack of standards across the United States, it’s simply not enough to keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe and protected. Smart Cities Dive takes a look at the rising fatality numbers, the pandemic effect on reckless driving and the uncertain future of Vision Zero funding.

Speaking of basic infrastructure for urban living, DCist reports on the proposed locations for public bathrooms. This just seems like common sense caring for the community, but the lack of public restrooms in the District is egregious.

Feeling like you need to get your anger juices flowing? How about spending some quality time hate-reading The Federalist‘s “Let’s Not Give Statehood to the Third-World Country of Washington, D.C.” The entire piece blends true statistics of crime in the District with hyperbole and manages to be condescending, racist and classist throughout.

In news that has Twitter buzzing, beloved eatery Acqua Al 2 has come out of hibernation and has announced via Instagram that they are reopening for delivery and the food will come straight from the Via Ghibellina spot in Ivy City, per Barred in DC. Here’s hoping that all your favorite dishes are back on the menu, and that Sajmir Rragami is no longer employed by the owners-operators of Via Ghibellina or Acqua al 2. Incidentally, in case you missed it, Harvest Tide, a surf-and-turf place, will take over the former Acqua locale. Eater

DC To-Go-Go has gone the way of the dodo as of April 30– at least for now.Washington City Paper reports that it was hard for the platform to continue without having restaurants that use the platform exclusively. Hope this is not a good-bye but a so-long.

Via PoPVille, Toki Underground will move to a new location on H Street but will be at The Pug for one more year.

StreetSense provides a summary of the city’s efforts and those of mutual aid organizations like Serve Your City to vaccinate unhomed neighbors. Grateful for all the efforts to keep our most vulnerable citizens protected.

WUSA-9 reports on the carjackings this year so far. Many of the perpetrators are juveniles and are products of neglect, chronic truancy and, in many cases, “victims or perpetrators of abuse.” Incidentally, the Metropolitan Police released shots of suspects of homicides around the District. Please take a moment to look at the shots and if you know anything, contact MPD at (202) 727-9099 or text 50411.

Need to get vaccinated? Go to the District’s coronavirus portal and see which walk-up vaccination centers are open on the day you need them.

Slide from the April 26, 2021 situational update

Confused on what’s allowed and not allowed going forward May 1? Check out the April 26 situational update and scroll down to page 12 to read the guidelines. It’s interesting to note that although weddings may take place, people may not dance at the reception. This is somewhat glossed over in the situational update, but several readers brought it up on Twitter. What do you think? Should people already congregating for a wedding (and adhering to social distancing rules) be allowed to dance? Tweet at us!

ANC 6C wants to hear from YOU: The next deadline for ANC 6C grants is May 27! ANC6C seeks grant applications for community projects within the ANC 6C boundaries that demonstrate significant lasting impact on the ANC 6C community. The ANC 6C Grants Committee encourages new and innovative grant projects with enduring and lasting impact on the ANC 6C community. Some types of projects that have been funded in the past are public arts and beautification, school or youth organization activities and community service. All grant recipients must be documented non-profit organizations. You can find more information and the application here: https://anc6c.org/committees/grants-committee/

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