04 Mar 2021


A Walk Around the Fence

88 years ago, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the last President to be inaugurated on March 4. Here’s the scene on the east front of the Capitol that day. (LOC)
For reasons that need not be gotten into here, a certain subset of the population decided that the *real* inauguration day was still March 4. And that today their chosen President would, triumphantly, regain his position. We sent out our photographer to see what was to come of this. (RSP)
One thing we learned is that there is a narrow alley between the Adams Building of the LOC and the Folger Shakespeare library that is not blocked. No inauguration going on here, though. (RSP)
What there was a lot of was security. (RSP)
And many, many photographers and other members of the media (RSP)
The scene on Columbus Circle (RSP)
Any place with a good view of the Capitol had camera crews camped out, ready to take exciting footage of buses leaving. Or entering. (RSP)
Down on 3rd Street West, the barbed wire has been removed from the outer fence, but the inner fence remains as before. Rumor has it that the outer fence will be removed. Soon. The white-haired man seemed to be dangerously excited about something, but it was unclear which point of view he was expressing to the reporters he was talking to. (RSP)
While on some stretches, there was a National Guardsman posted every six feet, the stretch along the Mall was pretty quiet except for this entrance on Maryland Avenue (RSP)
“Grandpa! You served during the Great Insurrection of 2021! What did you do?” “I guarded some government building you’ve never heard of.” (RSP)
And, finally, a couple of people who had indeed flown in for “the inauguration.” From Florida and California, as they told the two German reporter/photographers they are talking to here near the Bartholdi Fountain (RSP)
And, back where we started. Some 7000 step, 3 miles and a haircut later. Total number of inaugural visitors seen? Maybe 6. (RSP)

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