02 Feb 2021


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Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today at around 7:35 a.m., which means that if the marmot is correct, we’ll have six more weeks of winter this year. If the winter is anything like the snowglobe loveliness that currently envelops us, may he be right. On to the news!

A patriotic bunny in the snow. Thank you for tagging us, @jekubi! Tag your wintry whimsy #thehillishome for a chance to be featured.

As you may know, Acting Capitol Police chief Yogananda Pittman announced on Friday that there are plans in the works to make the fencing around the United States Capitol, the Senate and House office buildings and the Capitol Police permanent. You can read coverage from the Washington Post and from NBC News. The Council of DC was unable to deliver legislation to Congress, which is something that is still happening because the District does not have full autonomy. WTOP

If you would like to protest the permanence of the Capitol fence, sign a petition started by neighbor Allison Cunnigham on Change.org. Once you’ve signed it, share it widely. The Capitol grounds belong to all Americans, and we cannot yield to fear or to lazy actions that don’t solve the problem of white supremacy.

ANC 6B will introduce a draft resolution in regards to the bike and pedestrian access through the Capitol grounds. Read the draft by clicking here and learn more about ANC 6B’s meeting schedule here.

Officer Brian Sicknick will lie in honor at the United States Capitol starting today. Washington Post
You can watch the ceremony on C-SPAN starting at 9:30 p.m. (Thank you to Ben Sorenson on Twitter for the heads-up.)

Reader Katy Ferry wrote an essay on the inherent unfairness of being unable to sled down Capitol Hill in this snow. “We make excuses for [White Supremacists’] behavior and tell traumatized Americans, including those whose lives were literally in danger and the families of the police officers who died, including two who have taken their own lives in the wake of the insurrection, to just move on, already.” You can read the rest here.

The DC Government has wrested Dave Thomas Circle from the clutches of Wendy’s. (WTOP) The city called on its Eminent Domain power and bought up the property, which it will develop into park space and wider lanes (no real clue as to where all that space will come from). It’s the end of an era, but that doesn’t mean the intersection, sometimes known by the more colorful moniker “the Florida Avenue clusterfuck” will be smooth sailing from now on. Take it away, professional map man and part-time curmudgeon Geoff Hatchard (whom you should absolutely follow on Twitter, and not just because he quoted me on his bio):

Dave McKenna, who maybe used to send his kid to Mundo Verde, wrote a nice piece for Defector on the true infrastructural horror that is the Dave Thomas Circle. His parting thought that “anything that makes you hate the chocolate Frosty needs to go” is a sentiment for the ages.

Incidentally, reader Corey Williams sent a DM via Instagram prompted by this piece of news and I asked him if I could share it on here:

Corey Williams on Instagram. Used with permission.

The column he’s referencing can be found here.

Speaking of Instagram, a few readers asked me where they could buy Girl Scout cookies and I was sent a couple of links. They are Girl Scout portals where you can choose to have cookies delivered locally by adorable children or, for an additional fee, by your post person.

Monkey (Payne Elementary)

Congressional Cemetery is looking for actors to help them bring stories to life and you can learn more here. It sounds so cool, it’s spooOoo0oo0oOky!

On Thursday, January 28, there was an explosion at BridgePoint hospital on 7th and Constitution NE. The explosion, which, after some initial confusion, was found to have happened in the basement and traveled up the chimney shaft, causing damage to it and injuring two. Later, DC Fire and EMS declared that the building was habitable. DCist

Finally, DC Public Schools started in-person learning today on a two-hour delay after sticking to virtual-only on Monday, February 1 (The DC Line). This tweet from John Falciccio, Deputy Mayor for planning and economic development, doesn’t take into account the fact that teachers are not just looking out for their own skins: They care about the children they teach and they care about their health as many have to return to buildings that have been grossly neglected by the District. It’s a relief to know that an independent auditor evaluated the safety of the buildings, but this tweet and its follow-up are unnecessary and only serve to foster division and resentment.

Let’s end on an economically (and gastronomically) stimulating note: Shilling Canning Company recently launched Ampersandwich, which boasts an impressive array of delicious sandwiches. Take a look at the menu down here or follow them on Instagram at Instagram.com/ampersandwichdc

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