17 Feb 2021


Another ART Section

The Anacostia Riverwalk Trail has been under construction for quite some time now, and is still not complete. But one interesting connection was finished on Tuesday: the trail underneath the 11th Street Bridge. Formerly, you would have had turn left, up 11th Street, as you left the section along the Navy Yard, then turn right onto O Street to continue. Now? You can go (pretty much) straight ahead. (RSP)
You can stay pretty close to the river as you go. (RSP)
The real reason to do this is for cool views of the two spans of the 11th Street Bridge (RSP)
Work is still in progress, but the trail is open and its clear where you can and can’t go, (RSP)
Last bits of fencing going up on the east side of the bridges (RSP)
Here’s where you come back out – onto O Street, to continue on as before. (RSP)

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