20 Jan 2021


Inauguration Day

Today was a day to engender mixed feeling in our neighborhood. On the one hand, the vast majority were thrilled with the outcome of the election and the new administration being sworn in. On the other hand, there was no way to be part of the ceremony. And if there’s one thing that has brought us together in past years, its our interest in being part of inauguration day, whether as an honored guest on the West Front stairs or just one of the crowd surrounding the Washington Monument. I went out with my camera to see what, if any, of the action I could capture.

The Capitol dome at sunrise (RSP)
National Guard at Lincoln Park. The buses that brought them can be seen in the background (RSP)
There were guard members all the way up and down East Capitol Street (RSP)
East Capitol was blocked from 6th Street onwards – making it a nice place to run or bike (RSP)
A fair number of people at 4th and East Capitol. Mainly reporters, but a number of locals checking out the scene, too (RSP)
The view from 4th. The Capitol, surrounded by police, and fencing topped with razor wire. This was taken a few minutes after Biden arrived for the inauguration. (RSP)

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