26 Jan 2021


Hill Buzz

Good afternoon Capitol Hill! It snowed and it stuck around and I am choosing to delight on that fact. What else is going on?

A good photo of an ugly situation. Thank you for tagging #thehillishome, @philliefan99! Tag your photos with your hashtag for a chance to be featured.
Welp. Ok.

That tweet is quite the eye-opener. Let’s start off by saying this: Increased security around the Capitol is understandable up to a point. Yes, I’m sure there are increased security threats these days, but extending the perimeter is a lazy answer to a complex problem– an answer that does not serve District residents and negatively impacts our quality of life.

POLITICO reports that the D.C. National Guard will remain active through March 31. In earlier briefings, the end date was supposed to be closer to January 31. According to the article, there are 3,400 D.C. National Guard. The report does not address the security fence currently still blocking both Independence and Constitution Avenues between 2nd Street NE and 3rd Street NW.

If you have any information related to the January 6 events at the Capitol, the FBI is still looking for information. Click here to learn more.

Vice reports on mutual aid organizations around DC and how hard it’s been with the inauguration. Maurice Cook of Serve Your City was quoted in the article. While I am proud of us as a neighborhood and city, doing our part to be hospitable and caring for the National Guard, please give generously to our mutual aid organizations on a continuous basis. They care and uphold our most vulnerable neighbors.

This piece by Kriston Capps on DC’s vulnerability in the face of insurrection is a must-read. We can’t even deploy our own National Guard when our city is under siege. Statehood NOW. Bloomberg

AlJazeera has a beautiful photo essay on our razor-wired, militarized city.

It’s reassuring to know that we’ve always had some sort of emergency communication system– in this case, a telegraph-based one. John Kelly’s Answer Man explains the history behind our call boxes. Washington Post

A reminder that Mike, manager of Howl to the Chief, lost everything in a fire recently. Many of you have stepped up generously and Mike was able to replace his RV. Still, your generosity is appreciated. You can donate by clicking here.

If you’re wondering about your holiday tree, rest assured that the Department of Public Works will come get it. They may take a while — some of you on Twitter said it had been three weeks– but they’ll get there. As a reminder, place your tree where you put your garbage. (Yes, it’s changed again this year.)

Incidentally, right before sending this Hill Buzz out into the world, commissioner Alison Horn sent out a tweet sharing DPW’s latest update. Leaf collection and holiday tree disposal will continue until February 19, so do not despair!

17th Street SE is not getting a traffic camera, despite repeated neighbor requests for one. Apparently, a study claims the camera is not necessary.

Chef Erik Bruner-Yang has stepped away from his restaurants at THE LINE hotel. Does this mean we get him all to ourselves in this part of town? Eater

Mah Ze Dahr doesn’t just make incredible breads that make headlines– their parent group, Knead Hospitality + Design have announced they will give their employees paid leave if they choose to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. They are the first restaurant group to say they will do this for their employees. Washingtonian (Update in bold to clarify that the paid leave is for getting the vaccine.)

Extreme Pizza, a new pizza joint with an unfortunate 90s name is coming to Barracks Row, reports PoPville. Apparently, the pizza is good. The name, on the other hand, is giving me a little PTSD.

Fat Choi is coming soon, starting this Friday (setting up camp above Lavagna) to bring hot pot to a neighboring radius that luckily includes us. Chef Will Fung will provide detailed instructions and even a texting hotline so you can have hot pot success. What a way to prepare for the Lunar New Year. Begone, metal Rat! Washington City Paper

If you are an undocumented resident or do not otherwise qualify for unemployment, DC Cares can help you. Click here to learn more or visit this website to apply.

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