11 Jan 2021


Changes on Capitol Hill

It seems like every time I leave my house, there’s more changes being made around the Capitol. On Saturday, it was the Supreme Court’s turn to get the fence treatment (RSP)
Because of the work being done, the only way to get to the other side of the Supreme Court was to walk all the way around the Capitol. This gave me the opportunity to see some memorials – like these flowers woven into the fencing (RSP)
Surprisingly, some of the barriers previously up, such as those around the Grant Memorial, have been removed. My best guess is that that area will no longer be used for the inauguration, so no point in leaving fencing and other infrastructure up. This picture is taken from right next to Grant and shows continued work on the inauguration stand on the west front of the Capitol (RSP)
Another memorial, this one the authorized one for Officer Sicknick of the Capitol Police (RSP)
In the foreground, the memorial, in the background the Capitol with its flag at half staff. (RSP)
The Supreme Court with its new ornamentation (RSP)
“Do Not Enter” indeed. Work continuing on the Supreme Court fence (RSP)

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