13 Jan 2021


Around the Capitol again

You may have noticed extra barriers going up in our neighborhood again today. It was time to see the extent of these barriers.

The barriers begin on 2nd street east, just past the Folger library. The Library of Congress is no longer accessible. (RSP)
The barrier extends down past the House office buildings and its parking lots all the way to D Street. While the barriers aren’t up yet, fully armed National Guard are there already. (RSP)
The view up South Capitol Street looks fairly normal. Note the flag flying over the House Chamber, where they were finalizing the vote to begin impeachment debate (RSP)
Armed National Guard waiting for their bus (RSP)
Even the Bartholdi Fountain is fenced off (RSP)
The flag flies over the House just a few minutes after debate on impeachment began (RSP)
Below, one last protest by Shutdown_DC on the Capitol grounds, seeking the expulsion for those who voted against the acceptance of Biden’s win in Arizona and Pennsylvania (RSP)
I could not get any closer than this, the officer at 3rd Street told me that the protesters were about to be escorted out. The fence was slowly stretching down 3rd street at this point. In the background, the inauguration stage is almost done, the flags on the Speaker’s Balcony are now fully hung (RSP)
On the north side, work continued. By this evening, the fortress Capitol Hill will be completed. (RSP)

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