30 Dec 2020


Hill Buzz

Welcome to the last Hill Buzz of 2020. Not sure that a year ago, I imagined we would end the year on such a weird and uncertain note, but I don’t think anyone, apart from some very tuned-in people, was expecting 2020 to be *that* year.

Let’s bring this happy, hopeful, unbridled energy into 2021. Thank you for tagging us, @aussieedith! Tag your adorableness #thehillishome

Anyway, what’s going on– you know, other than SUPER COVID in Colorado and California?

First up, check out our year in review and find out which stories got the most attention each month on the blog here.

Here’s a lovely story from one of our neighbors: Jane Shapiro, whom you may know by her Instagram handle @yourdcfriends, made unhomed neighbor Angelo’s Christmas sweet with the help of many around the community. Neighbors donated and turned out on Christmas day by the Reflecting Pool. WUSA-9 has more details.

There was a pretty nasty crash on December 22 at 10:16 p.m. on H Street. According to the timestamp over at Atlas Vet, shared over on Twitter, the car slid backwards into the Atlas Performing Arts Center building, destroying offices and severely damaging the Joy of Motion Dance Center. You can see the video below:

Joy of Motion, which has struggled with the pandemic, will need a lot of help to rebuild their H Street studio. You can help them by donating here.

A group of neighbors and businesses along H Street, led by friend of the blog and safe streets activist Mark Sussman, want to send a letter to DDOT urging them to make changes that would help slow down the street. DDOT has not issued any comments following the accident. You can read a little more about the letter effort in this report from WJLA, but note that the time and date of the accident are both incorrect in their story.

The Capitol Hill Film Festival is happening online only this year. If you want to see up-and-coming filmmaking from home, click here. You can buy month and year passes here.

The Boston copy of the Emancipation Statue thatanchors the western side of Lincoln Park has been removed from its perch. The statue, a replica of the original, was removed from Boston’s Park Square yesterday. Thomas Ball, the sculptor, was from Boston and the statue was placed there in his honor. AP

This story/advertisement from the Washington Post on Brickworks, the new condominium at 13th and Wylie NE is just the tiniest bit dismissive of the Wylie Street community garden, where the new building sits. The garden deserved more than one sentence in the writeup, so click here and read more about it.

Washingtonian rounded up the 10 most heartbreaking restaurant closures of the year and Horace and Dickie’s made the list for obvious reasons. A little mystified that Montmartre, the 20-year old mainstay on the Hill didn’t make the list, but you can read more about it over on our year-end review– it was the most-read story in May.

Did you learn a new skill during the pandemic? The folks over at Commercial Cafe, who usually focus on commercial real estate, sent over a compilation of findings from a survey of over 1,100 people. They found that over 92% of their respondents had learned something new, with 52% stating that baking was their new jam (with bread, obvs). I don’t think I learned anything new, but I got to chat with many of you via Twitter and Instagram, so I’d say that’s still a win.

Roll Call shared Capitol Hill photojournalist Bill Clark’s shots of the year and that frame with the Easter Bunny riding around the neighborhood is so chilling, it could inspire a horror movie all on its own.

In the latest installment of “Capitol Hill is more than just the seat of the legislative branch of government,” Washingtonian highlights a funny tweet from Capitol Hill Books regarding an angry citizen calling the bookstore and demanding to speak to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. AOC’s reply, “Well… I’m waiting!” is gold.

Wishing you a calm and quiet beginning to 2021– make sure you check out our Instagram for suggestions for New Year’s Eve things to do!

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