22 Dec 2020


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Photo by @vicequeenmaria, via Twitter. Pair this great photo with this article on the Grinch and his boyfriend potential (?) via The Cut.

It’s Tuesday, December 22, and I hope you’ve gotten most of the things you need to get done, done. If you’re still on the hunt for presents, check out my Instagram gift guide here (or go to THIH on Instagram and click on “Gift List Ideas”). You can also check out this list put together by my friend, Madeline Marshall, full of local Black makers. Concerned about the lateness of your present? How about celebrating Three Kings’ Day? (Frankincense, myrrh optional, but not Kings’ cake. Or the apostrophe.) If you’re looking for hassle-free merriment, check out my #LightUpTheHill map here. Happy holidays! I may or may not have a special Christmas Eve edition of the To Do List, but you know I’ll be active over on Instagram and Twitter, so you should follow us there.

Right off the gate, big news: In a press briefing held today, Mayor Bowser introduced her nominee for MPD police chief, Assistant Chief Robert Contee. You can watch the briefing here. I found Assistant Chief Contee’s speech incredibly moving and powerful, and look forward to seeing how he will approach his new role. It’s also important to read this tweet by DC Black Lives Matter activist and Ward 7 ANC commissioner Anthony Lorenzo Green to keep perspective:

What else is going on?

If you want to share holiday spirit and help neighbors, a new Instagram account called @yourDCfriends is taking donations to help neighbors in need. They are inviting anyone who finds themselves in need to meet them at the Capitol Reflecting Pool (3rd Street SW) on Christmas Eve. There will be food, presents, and a soul food truck. If you want to learn more, send them an Instagram DM or text at 202-839-5056.

It seems Joel Castón, the ANC 7F07 write-in candidate-elect, has been disqualified by the DC Board of Elections because he registered to vote under a Ward 8 address– the last place he resided before being incarcerated. How exactly are people supposed to feel enfranchised if they are given confusing information that sets them up for failure? (Washington City Paper) Organizations like Neighbors for Justice are looking out for our neighbors at the DC Jail, providing support and advocacy as well as compassion. Click here to learn how you can help.

Readers of past Hill Buzzes (Hills Buzz?) may remember the saga of Handle 19, the sportsbook that will soon open in the former Stanton & Greene/Pour House space. I ruffled some feathers with my take on the fact that everyone likes to make fun of Not-in-my-backyard neighbors until potentially problematic businesses are opening in their own blocks. However, when I realized that ANC 6B wants to spend up to $14,000 to fight the upcoming establishment’s liquor license, (Capitol Hill Corner, WTOP) it struck me that spending this much money on a losing battle is frivolous at best. Commissioner-elect Alison Horn stated it better:

In food news, The Duck and the Peach is now open in the 700 Penn complex and judging by your Instagram comments, the place is awesome. Eat DC on Twitter shared the menu here. Look through and enjoy!

Beloved Hill store Labyrinth was featured on NPR’s show Marketplace, on Kathleen’s foray into e-commerce. Brb, probably gonna have to download Twitch to keep up. Would anyone watch me blog, parent, cook, clean the litterbox and complain on a 10-hour livestream?

Not very spirited: You may recall that Summit to Soul has had their windows broken in more than one occasion recently. So has Frame of Mine, which had the damage done on Sunday night. Barracks Row Main Street could step in and help with business grants, but it seems they haven’t been doing much, considering that ANC 6B had to create a separate working group to deal with Barracks Row. (Capitol Hill Corner)

From the police blotter:

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s First District announce two arrests have been made in reference to an Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (Gun) offense that occurred on Monday, December 21, 2020, in the 1200 block of I Street, Southeast.

At approximately 12:54 pm, the suspects approached the victim at the listed location. The suspects brandished handguns and shot at the victim. The suspects then fled the scene in a vehicle. No injuries were reported.  

On Monday, December 21, 2020, 21 year-old Rashawn Onley and 21 year-old Terrance Oxner, both of Southeast, DC, were arrested and charged with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (Gun).

Slightly off-Hill: I refuse to believe that the District does things like what happened to these funds, originally intended for Deanwood’s The Strand, maliciously. But unfortunately, the choice is between evil and, shall we say, short-sighted intent, and… well, you be the judge. Greater Greater Washington

Parting thought: As you may know, starting December 23, there will be no more indoor seating at restaurants for the next three weeks and many of our favorites will either be going on pause or moving to carryout/delivery only. (Eater) Make someone’s end of the year a little brighter by donating to the Virtual Tip Jar here.

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