12 May 2020


Hill Buzz

For me, life has become time measured by Hill Buzzes (Hills Buzz?). That’s usually an indicator that a week has elapsed, maybe, but time is so oddly plastic these days. I recently binged GLOW and I now have vivid glitter and spandex dreams and regularly practice my 80s power rock stance. I’ve gotten pretty good at chocolate chip challah loaves. Homeschool is still a mess but we do what we can. Have you taken the time to truly appreciate a teacher?

In one word: YES. Important affirmation in our #TheHillisHome feed, via @KatrinaMarie9
Tag your words to live by #thehillishome

The Washington Post’s Perry Stein takes a look at how homeschool is going. Unsurprisingly, the socioeconomic gaps make distance learning hard, if not impossible. I am lucky to live with my mother and the kids have an involved father and stepmother to help, and it’s still hard. My heart goes out to all the households who are one of one. I see you and I truly wish I could do more, other than to remind you to take care of yourself and take it one day at a time.

In case you didn’t know, Mayor Muriel Bowser‘s Twitter account shares daily District coronavirus/COVID-19 figures around 10-11 a.m. Here is the link to today’s current figures. We have lost 336 DC residents to COVID-19, officially–– our deep condolences to their families.

It’s no secret that artists and makers are suffering during this pandemic. Artists who used to sell around town, especially at Eastern Market, are having a hard time, despite many of them having virtual storefronts. DCist

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton looks forward to “getting my neighborhood back,” and we’re right there with her. The delegate sat down with Kathryn Lyons from Roll Call and kvetched over some delicious Call Your Mother bagels, and it’s adorable.

There may be a pandemic raging on, but crime still plows on, tearing families and communities apart. Three people were shot at the Potomac Gardens on Saturday afternoon. Hill Rag

Darcy Corteau’s account of what it’s like to be a food delivery person during our surreal times is so engaging, she sounds like a plucky heroine from your favorite dystopian novel– only this is her life. Read and tip generously–– this is not a time to be a cheapskate. The Atlantic

Why on earth is E-cigarette maker JUUL relocating here?! WAMU

Why does someone have a pet pig AND have a pet pig in the Navy Yard area?! Granted, I have asked a similar question whenever I see a Great Dane at Stanton Park, but… it’s valid, right? Am I going nuts? PoPVille

And now, your money can support restaurants in the future, as well as getting you one-of-a-kind, lavish experiences. Look, I’m glad there are people who are solvent enough to help out our beloveds stay afloat and therefore get amazing goodies in return, but who’s paying for lavish teaching experiences or one-of-a-kind learning environments for the future? No one is. NO ONE. Eater

Show of Hands at The Roost is opening virtually and it sounds like a bold new concept in a brave new world. The world truly belongs to those who can make limoncello out of this lemonade– just don’t forget the club soda. Washington City Paper

End on a good note: Wildlife is having a great pandemic! Turkeys, eagles and other awesome animal friends are reclaiming their territory. Over on Instagram, we’ve had a great time following along with @MaryBethTylerTorpey and her #Duckstagram stories from RFK. What new wildlife have you discovered?

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