27 May 2020


Another Walk in the Neighborhood

I took another walk in the neighborhood. First stop was the eastern end of H Street. There are a number of projects there like The Baldwin here, which are completed and now waiting for tenants (who are, presumably, waiting for social distancing to end before moving in) (RSP)
But I was really looking for those places still under construction. Like this, The Aldea, at 1336/8 H St NE. It will have only three units, each with 5 (!) bedrooms. While their website does not list what size they will be, the retail space has 3,200 square feet, so presumably the apartments will be about that size, too (RSP)
On exactly the other end of the spectrum, but just down the street is this enormous construction. Going up between H Street, Bladensburg Road and Morse Street NE, this is Fortitude at Delta Towers, which will have 179 units for seniors and persons with disabilities. When completed, the current residents of Delta Tower, just up H Street, will move in to this modern and energy-efficient space. (RSP)
When I went around a few weeks ago, I focused on eastern Pennsylvania Avenue, including the new Safeway development. I entirely missed this project, which is embarrassing, as I have been following it since ground-breaking, as it is right next to the temporary Frager’s space (the old Jerry’s Auto Body Repair shop) (RSP)
The project is called Watkins Alley, and if that makes you think of small and cozy…you’d be wrong. Not only does the development take up a considerable amount of space in the alley, but each of the units is big – three and four stories tall.
So, if you have wanted to live in the peace of an alley, but need more space than the usual dwelling can supply, you may be in luck. (RSP)
Finally, here is another project that is actually done, but that has intrigued me for quite some time: The shotgun house. I visited the archaeological dig that was done on the site a few years ago, and now two houses have been built on the site, with one of them alluding architecturally to its predecessor. (RSP)

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