31 Mar 2020


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These days I waver between feeling energized and inspired by all the love and generosity we’re all displaying in this tough time and just feeling like a rock is hovering over me and making it hard to move. How are you all doing? Please check in via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We all could use a little community.

What’s going on this week– other than what’s going on this week?

#Socialdistancing while exercising. Please, please, please: Stay home as much as possible, and keep your distance. Don’t have a picnic at the park, no matter how inviting it looks. Beautiful capture by @monikerdc via our hashtag #thehillishome

For starters, WAMU has an incredible repository of coronavirus-related news and information that they update on an as-it-happens basis.

In case you missed it, Mayor Muriel Bowser provides daily coronavirus updates via her social media channels, as well as over at coronavirus.dc.gov. Yesterday, the Mayor’s office issued an official Stay at Home order which will come into effect Wednesday, April 1, at 12:01 a.m. Nope, it’s not an April Fool. An April Fool is the person who insists on congregating outside with friends, as if this weren’t a real and deadly crisis. Our friend Barred in DC has a simple breakdown of what you can and cannot do during this order.

The first confirmed coronavirus case in the District, Rev. Tim Cole, is back home after three weeks in the hospital. WTOP

This weekend saw a large increase in deaths. As a reminder, the new cases you see and the deaths are all a result of our actions from 2-3 weeks back. Keep staying home. Please, I beg you: STAY HOME AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. NBC-4

In addition to getting your pizza fix, All Purpose is now a CSA as well. Nourishing for body and soul. PoPVille

Seeing the generous spirit of people is truly moving. Erik Bruener-Yang unveiled #thePowerof10 yesterday. The Power of 10 is donation-based initiative to generate enough income for chefs to cook meals at underserved communities. The system will be in place at Cane, Maketto and ABC Pony. Eater DC

Looks like we’re all going to be voting by mail in the June 2 primary, which sounds kind of delightful unless people forget where they put their ballot because they thought it was junk mail or something. Sorry– just trying to find a negative in what otherwise makes a lot of sense. The DC Line

Street Sense media has a great article and resources on feeding people in need. Incidentally, Street Sense will stop producing their hard copy and move to online exclusively, so they need your donations now more than ever. Donate here.

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