18 Feb 2020


Hill Buzz

Hello Capitol Hill! Greetings from the throes of the week DCPS sends parents into turmoil February Break! It’s lovely, really. And really, it’s not so bad, once you kind of give in to chaos– much like what happens when you live in DC. On with the news, shall we?

Oh, the symmetry. Vivid capture by reader @emerritt4 via our hashtag #thehillishome. Want to see your photo on Hill Buzz? Tag us!

Last week’s bombshell was that Horace and Dickie’s, the H Street NE institution, was closing its doors. WJLA originally broke the sadness, and various outlets such as DCist, Washingtonian, and the Post’s Fritz Hahn, have weighed in in regards to what this means for DC and for H Street. I still remember the first time I ducked into the tiny garage/carriage house-looking building to order a whiting sandwich– probably one of the best I’ve ever had. And yes, add me to the list of people who didn’t visit it as often as I should have, and I will be making the trek out to Takoma when they are gone, March 1. Hold your G-men tightly, ladies and gentlemen: We never know the treasures we have until they are gone.

This story about the Blessings Box on 14th and E Streets SE is really heartwarming and sweet. What a lovely concept and execution, Wendy! It’s neighbors like you who make us feel that the Hill is the best home. Gather your donations and trek on over to help keep the pantry restocked. By the way, don’t think we didn’t notice the silly, “half-hour walk from the Capitol building” reference, WTOP.

A cheeky reminder that we stan Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she’s pretty much right on many of her DC opinions. Washingtonian

Did you play Greater Greater Washington’s Transportation bingo? We hope that if you didn’t you’ll at least read their summary. Hey, Charles Allen: We notice with a certain critical eye that you hadn’t checked off “Thank the bus driver” in your bingo card here. Chuckles– this should have been the gimme, the free space!! ALWAYS THANK THE BUS DRIVER.

Larry has the week’s meetings round-up for 6B on Capitol Hill Corner.

Did you know Metro has something called a “safe space” where you can hide if you happen to fall onto the tracks? Read and learn, friends, and we’re glad to hear the man in this story is safe. WTOP

Local kids– among them, students at Apple Tree just off Lincoln Park– sent off over 1700 valentines to elderly people with limited mobility. Go on: You know you wanna AWWW. Good Morning America

My children and I have walked this block for years and nothing this horrifying has ever happened to us. It is with that sense of shock and survivor’s guilt that our hearts go out to the mother and child involved in this extremely scary incident in the 800 block of Maryland Avenue NE last Wednesday. Thank you to all the people who helped them and were there to provide help, assistance and caring. PoPVille

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