03 Dec 2019

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I hope that you had a wonderful Britneymas yesterday, singing along to your favorite Britney Spears song. Yes, this is how I keep things light as December holds us all in its clawlike thrall. What else can keep us occupied this fine third of December?

Thou tree most fair and lovely! Happy feels via @CapHillArtLeague on Instagram. Tag your lovely local vignettes #TheHillisHome

For starters, you’d better start checking those recycling bins, because according to reporting by DCist, you may start getting tickets if you’re not putting the right stuff in. I wholeheartedly appreciate this, but just know that I’m going to get busted because there is a transient lady who loves to drop garden clippings into the first bin she sees.

By the by, are you still a little iffy on what can be recycled? Zero Waste DC to the rescue.

In absolutely devastating news about news, Curbed DC will soon be no more. As of today, their front page doesn’t have any news about it, but this article from The Wrap says that Vox is ceasing publication through Curbed. I hope this just means they are somehow rebranding, but we will miss the thorough and fearless coverage of issues that interest locals, such as Andrew Giambrone’s recent article on the city’s fast-tracking of a Reservation 13 project with virtually no public input. Andrew, WHERE ARE YOU GOING NEXT?

The encampment that popped up in recent months on D Street SE almost at 7th Street has been the site of much illegal activity over the past months– not just a place for unhoused District residents to temporarily call home. It’s important to make a distinction and The Hill Rag does a great job of explaining and providing context in this sad case.

Looks like Cafe Fili is opening at the Station House, the building between 2nd and 3rd Streets NE and between G Street and the Hopscotch Bridge. The cafe itself is at the corner of 2nd and G Street NE. We wish them well and hope they sort of fill in the void the Railway Deli left behind. PoPVille.

We couldn’t let this WaPo opinion from several former, as well as our current, mayors of DC pass by without sharing it: Congress should let DC buy RFK stadium. But we should not buy it to bring back the Washington Football Team, Mayor Bowser– or at least that’s not what a majority of neighbors in zip codes 20002 and 20003 want at any rate. Have you filled out my poll yet? I would like to get to over 200 neighbors, so please fill it out. Yes, I ask for your email, but it’s so we don’t have multiple votes. Find it here.

This is citywide and of most interest if you have children, so apologies in advance for that: I have a 5th and an 8th grader. This article from the Washington Post‘s Perry Stein is thought-provoking and it makes me a little angry. Why do we not support middle schools better here in the District? Why have we let getting into a good high school become a nearly unobtainable goal for so many kids? Read and fume.

Apropos of supporting middle schools, you should support ours, Stuart Hobson Middle School, and come see “Frozen, Jr.” this weekend! Get tickets here. The kids are all very talented (yes, including mine– he’ll be singing about Hygge) and you’ll have a great time supporting local schools!

By the way, it’s Giving Tuesday! We’re retweeting worthy local organizations on Twitter that deserve your generosity, such as the Capitol Hill Community Foundation, Capitol Hill Village, and so many more worthy local organizations. And if you need a reason to keep shopping local, read The Daily Rider’s Loren Copsey’s wise words on supporting those who support our community: the small businesses.

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