28 Nov 2019

Hill Buzz

Perfect red leaves for the perfect shoefie, via @lucysgardenlife on Instagram. Tag your pumpkin-pied reveries #thehillishome

I don’t know you about you guys, but I have been ready to eat all the stuffing since last week. I’m currently high on sweet potato pie and blanket warmth. Wherever you are right now, I am grateful that you’re taking the time to read this blog. Every week, I put together this post because I know someone out there will appreciate it and find it helpful in some way.

PS: If you want a few ideas to help with Thanksgiving and its attendant days, click here.

Enough of the mushiness and on with the news:

First off, you can ride Metro on Thanksgiving day– but hours will be reduced and the system will operate on a Sunday schedule (so bring some yarn for spinning and War and Peace to read). On Friday the 29, they are back to a regular weekday schedule, just in time to haul all the stuff you’re gonna buy. WMATA release

In mildly embarrassing news, the aircraft in restricted airspace that locked down parts of the city on Tuesday may have been…. a flock of birds. AND THEY RAAAAAN! THEY RAN SO FAR AWAAAAAAY…. COULND’T GET AWAAAAAY. WTOP

Housing for the homeless is coming to Reservation 13 but neighbors are less than happy, as the District did not consult enough with residents before bringing these plans up. Greater Greater Washington. Ward 6 councilmember Charles Allen posted his thoughts on the vote and the way the situation was approached via Facebook.

1 in 3 District residents have known first-hand the terror of gun violence, with the highest percentage of those affected living in wards 7 and 8. The psychological toll of constant violence is something no one should have to live with on a regular basis, and this article leaves me disturbed and frustrated. But at least this is a friendly city and most people agree. PSA: Newer neighbors, please remember to greet people you pass along the street, please. Washington Post

Speaking of good neighbors, don’t forget to RSVP for the Brickies, happening a week from today. Charles Allen

Speaking of neighbors, this article about Bernie Sanders’ home choices, –including his 1890 Victorian in Stanton Park, which is “close” to Capitol Hill (is that like, blocks from the White House too?) gave us a giggle. Canada Free Press

Speaking of crappy “neighbors” trying way too late to mend fences but, whatever, Native Americans may have free fishing licenses. Happy Thanksgiving, I guess. WaPo

The Washington Post asked 905 people “across the Washington region” a whole bunch of questions they’ve been using for article fodder these past few days. Among the questions asked, they wondered whether people wanted to see the Washington Football Team back in DC proper and 59% of people said yes ––some of them from Rockville–– while desperately waiting to hang up the phone. I made a poll and I want to know if YOU, my neighbors, actually want the ‘Skins back in DC. I also want to know where you live, because I think that’s a relevant question. Click here to vote. You may only vote once. Please spread the word so we can have large numbers on our side.

What does $3400 get you in rent? You can rent a palatial home across the river, in Hillcrest, or you can live on a tiny apartment in Northwest. OR! You can live on the Hill in a rowhouse and walk to Eastern Market. As always the choice is clear. (Hillcrest is a hell of a deal.) Curbed

Citywide but keep your eyes peeled: A kindness crusader who goes by the name @FermentDC on Twitter is spreading yeasty joy around town. Washingtonian

Bonus: I hope someone was on hand to yell FIIIIIIIIGHT last night at The Dubliner. I love love, you guys. WaPo

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