10 Sep 2019


Hill Buzz

Another great week dawns in the Nation’s Capital. What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

Look: When Sojourner Truth appears in your feed, you don’t question it. You just share her photo and bask in her quiet strength. Thank you, Eastern Market Main Street! By the way, Constitutional: Votes for Women is coming up and you should check it out.

Unless you were living under a rock (hey, it happens), you may know that RFK is going to get razed (Washington Post). Our collective memory will have a small chunk missing by 2021. You can read an interesting take on RFK conundrum over at Federal News Network. By the way, if your response to, “Should we have a new stadium built at the RFK site?” is a resounding, “HAIL, NO!” there is a petition you should sign here.

Hoodline spotlights three fresh new businesses around DC, including bar Bullfrog. While it’s exciting that the Star and the Shamrock has now seamlessly evolved into Bar Bullfrog, the concept of freshness here is not really of the literal variety, is it?

Opponents to the Second Look Act got to say their piece in a heated public meeting last week. On the one hand, I want to believe that younger violent offenders can be rehabilitated and should be given a second chance. On the other, reading the heartrending comments of families who’ve lost their loved ones in violent ways makes you feel for the victims deeply, and demand justice on behalf of their families. An excellent piece by Martin Austermuhle on WAMU.

Another residential project is coming to what used to be a Nationals parking lot. JDLand has all the details.

Style guides are a wonderful thing, and Greater Greater Washington‘s is, well, it’s great(er). Especially agree with the DMV bit (sorry, it’s a pet peeve) and with removing the periods when referring to the District as DC. (The periods are so mumsy.)

The Diamondback spotlights the work of Up Top Acres farm, located at 55 M Street SE, and how University of Maryland researchers are helping make rooftop produce even better.

This week’s rent comparison matchup is a no-brainer. You can rent a two-bedroom condo on the Hill for $2550? RUN, DO NOT WALK. Curbed

(Then again, the $2700/mo. FOUR bedroom house in Deanwood and close to Metro is the true steal. Wow.)

Does DC have an iconic food? Here’s a take from DCist. But you may never forget this… whatever this is from Washingtonian. For the record, DC’s most iconic food may be pawpaws, if I can ever get my hands on some.

Finally, a surprising bit of good news from the friendly folks at WalletHub: Did you know the DC metro area’s public transportation is actually…. not bad if you compare it to many other metropolitan areas? Break out the smelling salts: Our transportation system, according to their methods and despite all the odds and the Maryland drivers, ranks 4th in the nation. Whenever you’re done picking your jaw up off the floor, check out their infographic– very interesting as always.

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