03 Sep 2019

Eastern Market:

Celebrate Peregrine Espresso’s birthday with FREE COFFEE

Coffee! Free! Tomorrow! Not a drill! Photo by Maria Helena Carey

Beyoncé. Dr. Drew. Google’s incorporation date. Me! PEREGRINE ESPRESSO!!! September 4th is kind of a great birthday and you can help our cozy local coffeeshop celebrate their special day with FREE COFFEE! Although I’m told by the staff that Peregrine’s actual birthday is not exactly on the 4th, we are running with it this year!

That’s right: In true Virgo fashion, they are the ones celebrating but you’re the ones who gets the presents! The beloved coffeeshop –which started at 660 Pennsylvania Avenue SE and has now grown to two other locations and has spun off its own roasting company, Small Planes Coffee– is turning 11! And as is now a custom, they will be offering complimentary drip and iced coffee two days after Labor Day.

Ryan Jensen, owner of both Peregrine Espresso and Small Planes Coffee, said in an email, “It’s hard to believe that we’ve been doing this for eleven years. The coffee scene in DC has changed so much and we are proud to still be a part of this vibrant coffee community. We are so grateful to our fantastic staff over the years and the customers that keep coming in day after day.”

Congratulations and cheers! In honor of their birthday, we’ll be putting up an Instagram story of the time we went by Small Planes Coffee and tried out their Arboretum roast fresh from the source, tomorrow! Do you follow us on Instagram yet? You should!

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