23 Jul 2019


Hill Buzz

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! The air is moist and cool and we’re in the 70s and if the rest of the summer decides to behave like a spring day in May, I am alright with it! What’s going on around the interwebs?

Life is uncertain: Eat dessert first. Deliciousness at Beuchert’s Saloon, via our Instagram hashtag, #thehillishome

A restaurant worker was held up last night near Barracks Row, and other crime. Hill Rag

We tweeted about it but props to PoPVille for being the only outlet that actually wrote anything about the fire at Al’s Pizza late last week. I don’t know about you but I got a little teary-eyed with this situation. Do yourself a favor and order a pie from Al’s in two to three weeks, which is when they will be back to being fully operational, according to Basir. Apparently, the kitchen is over 60% damaged from the rescue efforts.

In more pizza news, a deaf-owned pizzeria is coming to the 1300 block of H Street NE. *raised hands, rotating wrists** Frozen Tropics

Speaking of pizza, All Purpose Riverfront is solid and NBC Sports (?) wants you to know it’s among the best spots in DC. You do you, NBC Sports.

Nothing goes as well with pizza as ice cream (said no nutritionist ever). Hey, it’s summer and we saw the awesome photos from the 100-foot sundae at Capitol Riverfront this weekend and we were gladdened and temporarily cooled. (I just checked my phone and it’s 73 degrees and I’m in heaven.) WTOP

We love it when woman-owned businesses thrive and succeed: the partnership between Dio Wine Bar and Odd Provisions sounds delicious! Eater DC

The week ahead from Larry at Capitol Hill Corner.

Piping-hot JDLand tidbits for one and all.

Looks like Clean Eatz was overpowered by the Dirty Water on top of it. I’m sorry– I couldn’t help it. PoPVille

Millennials say the darnedest things– all over our neighborhood, it seems. DCist

Here’s a legitimate question: Just how many coworking spaces can a neighborhood handle, really? CommonGrounds is coming to 99 M Street SE, so I guess the answer is, “one more, at least.” Commercial Observer

Stay in your lane, NBC Sports! I know you’re excited to make all these best-of lists and everything, but Lincoln Park is NOT a dog park! Yes, its true that everyone takes their dogs to the park and takes them off leash, etc., but it doesn’t have the infrastructure to actually support this full time. On the other hand, Swampoodle Dog Park is a bona fide dog park, so good for you.

Hey, DC is the third most educated city in the country, only beaten out by San José, California (sorry you’re dumbing down by moving back, IMGoph) and…. Ann Arbor, Michigan? Cool! So since we’re all so educated, can we treat each other a little more nicely, please? WalletHub

Metro is adding USB charging stations to several Metro stations along Blue and Yellow. That’s cool and all, but when will we be able to charge our phones in the trains themselves? Hint, hint! WMATA announcement

The mayor recently reminded us to vaccinate our children. If you don’t know where you can do that, here’s a map of all Medicaid Facilities in DC.

Finally, TeenVogue, is reminding us why this neighborhood can be the greatest ally to democracy and why we should be proud of our namesake on occasion.

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