11 Jun 2019


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Happy Tuesday, dear neighbors, friends, lurkers, and Chinese bots! Can you believe the gorgeousness of this weather? Hope you’re enjoying with open windows and open hearts.

What’s going on around the neighborhood?

We are mesmerized by this capture. Can’t figure out if adorable or evil, either, @juliecmoeller. Tag your creepy woodland decorations #thehillishome

The SizzEx is/was an undervalued gem in our area: A place where you could feast on all manner of diverse foods and with a diverse cross-section of neighbors. It was a quiet lesson in tolerance and respect, with a side of char siu ribs. Washington City Paper

Did you miss FOX5 DC’s Zip Trip to Eastern Market last week? Never fear! You can click here to watch all the segments and help celebrate 10 years of the reopening of our beloved market. Seems a little surreal.

The Fields at RFK opened this weekend and the Hill Rag has a summary of the festivities. However, it seems they closed just as soon as they opened: We had several readers tweeting about lack of access and no posted times. Reader Paul Donohoo-Vallet had this to say on Twitter:

The Washington Post kvells about Gessford Court, and really– how can you not? But, by the by, long-time readers may know this adorable alley as Tiger Court, right Robert? The Hill is Home

What is going on at J.O. Wilson? From friends’ personal accounts, it seems the outgoing principal was well-liked and supported. The fact that it’s not clear whether Principal Turner was forced to resign or not is upsetting. The DC Line has more.

I hate to admit it, but if you’re willing to pay over $3000 in rent, why on earth would you spend it on the Hill? Looking at this Curbed comparison, your money goes a lot farther elsewhere– except for the charm, I guess? It’s a real shame because this neighborhood is going to price us all out soon. (Then again, note that none of these bloated mansions that sold in May are in our quadrants of the city. Washingtonian)

Sean Doolittle loves Solid State Books and we love you, Sean Doolittle! Yay, reading! The DC Line

The By The People festival is starting this week around town and DCist has details of what is where– including a very cool-sounding installation at Mason’s Barbershop on H Street NE. Make sure you go to the By The People website to read up on all the art going up– it sounds cool on a grand scale.

The National Interest seems to think that the Washington Navy Yard is one of the five worst places to be stationed if you’re in the Navy, mostly because the area is “expensive” and “very touristy.” Look, I get that we’re not San Diego, but you need to back these choices up more solidly, people.

Taking a little bit of exception in this article, as basically most places on the Hill with outdoor seating make for a great dog-friendly patio. After all, the Hill is synonymous with dog-friendly. The Salt Line and Art & Soul get nods on this list of dog-friendliest patios. They’ve got that going for them, which is nice. Washington Post

Puppy break: Did you know the DC Superior Courts employ dogs to help young victims? Look how adorable Pepper is! DC Superior Court Press Release

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