16 May 2019


Don’t Forget: Bike to Work TOMORROW!

Pit stops for Bike to Work day in our area. Courtesy of Bike to Work Day. GO ON, SIGN UP!

Dear neighbors,

Your bikes need you. They are sitting in your shed, or basement, or porch– or in the middle of your entryway, gathering dust and waiting for beautiful sunny May days to take you places. Isn’t it time that commuting to work became a joy? BIKE TO WORK DAY IS YOUR DAY!

You can join a projected 20,000 people in the sheer joy of riding in two wheels to your work destination. Make sure you register so you can be counted over at biketoworkmetrodc.org, and so you know which pit stop to go to so you can pick up your swag.

There will be a JUMP! fueling station tomorrow morning at Freedom Plaza to celebrate Bike To Work Day in DC. Absolutely no judgment on our parts over here if you prefer your bike with electric power– what matters is that we all reclaim the streets, have fun and cut down on carbon emissions while doing so! 

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