23 Apr 2019

Stadium Armory:

Help Name the Fields at RFK

The Events DC needs your help. No, really, they need help coming up with a better name than the decidedly bland, “The Fields at RFK Campus” or the less-than-scintillating “Riverwalk Fields at RFK Campus” or even the yawn-inducing “Riverfront Fields at RFK Campus.” Isn’t there someone we can honor or remember in naming the fields at RFK? Can we call them the Soccer on the Hill fields… at RFK Campus? Let’s come up with something better!

In the meantime, The Events DC actually only has those three choices listed above as the choices to pick from and no way to give additional input. Go to this form, give them your email address and pick the least bland of the three. You can submit your input through Friday, April 26.

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