22 Mar 2019


Update From Your ANC Commissioner

We periodically share updates from your ANC commissioners, edited for brevity and clarity. Although these are most pertinent to particular single member districts (SMDs), we feel the information shared can be of interest to the whole Capitol Hill community. Are you an ANC commissioner who shares regular updates? Add thehillishome@gmail.com to your distribution list, please! –María Helena Carey and Kate McFadden

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From Phil Toomajian, ANC 6A02

A few neighborhood updates:

First, our community is home to a significant safe routes to school study, which will cover the areas around Ludlow-Taylor and SWS.  We are hoping to see All Way Stops, speed humps, raised crosswalks, and other improvements that will help ensure safe passage near these two community schools.  DDOT is conducting one study per ward and I’m excited that we have the Ward 6 study in our community and that DDOT has agreed to conduct it for these two community schools, which both have significant populations of students walking and biking to school.  

Second, the Maryland Avenue Pedestrian Safety Project is FINALLY coming to fruition.  A contractor has been chosen and I expect the Mayor will soon announce that she’ll be coming to our community to celebrate the groundbreaking.  Except that to happen in the coming days.  

Also a reminder that street sweeping season has resumed.  On many of our streets that means you cannot park on one side of the street one morning per week.  Please remember to park accordingly both to allow the street sweepers to do their jobs and to avoid a ticket.  

Finally, I’m excited to share that Commissioner Amber Gove is the new ANC6A chair.  Amber is a great neighbor and has proven herself to be a great commissioner and I know she’ll do a terrific job as our ANC chair going forward.  Please join me in thanking her for her dedicated service to our community.  


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