12 Mar 2019


Hill Buzz

Tuesday feels ahead? We LOLed at this great capture from @hollybluebike via our hashtag, #TheHillisHome. Capture your overly appropriate signs and share them with us!

The sun is out, the weather is not terrible, and all sorts of spring plants are starting to poke their little green fingers out of the ground. Did the switch to Daylight Saving Time mess you up? I award you bonus points if you corrected someone who called it Daylight SavingS.

Él Bebe opened last week in Navy Yard and it’s apparently very, very cool. Even though at first I thought the name was “The baby,” but with poorly placed accents, I now realize it’s actually called, “He drinks.” Which, obviously. DCist

Plan on being at East City Books tonight, starting at 6:30 p.m. (or much earlier, if you want a seat) to celebrate Abby Maslin‘s book launch. NBC has footage from the Maslins’ Today Show appearance.

WTOP has the early info on Cherry Blossoms, including best places to view them. Hint: Our neighborhood is on the list.

The District celebrated Women of Excellence at Eastern Market recently. Congratulations to all the honorees! Afro

Yotel, a UK-based hotel chain, is taking over the Liaison Capitol Hill. (Art & Soul stays, by the by.) Affordable luxury? Yes please! Business Traveller

Several plots will be developed into urban farms. One of those is close to Miner Elementary, and will bring opportunities to teach students– as soon as they lower the arsenic levels in the soil. WCP

Einsiedler Beer, an iconic Swiss beer only sold in Switzerland, is coming to the very adorable and very tasty Stable on H Street. Major props! Food & Beverage

Just in time for St. Paddy’s, two beloved Irish pubs close to our area get props in a list of Best Irish Pubs in America. Not entirely sure what the metric is here other than “Irishness,” but congratulations to Kelly’s Irish Times and The Dubliner, and sláinte to you both! The Daily Meal

(Psst: Want to say “SLÁINTE!” loudly and drunkenly on St. Patrick’s Day but don’t want to embarrass yourself? Here’s how to pronounce it.

A brief rundown of this week’s meetings on Capitol Hill Corner.

Take a look at the arrests that the Capitol Police makes, thanks to Roll Call and Demand Progress. It’s pretty much all about the protests.

Citywide: Things are not looking great for Jack Evans, who tried to use his clout as councilmember for financial gain. For shame. Washington Post

ICYMI: International Women’s Day was last Friday, March 8, and I celebrated by watching “Captain Marvel” and going to parent-teacher conferences. The Express celebrated by highlighted women business owners, who in turn highlighted their favorite woman-owned businesses. From woman-owned The Hill is Home, hugs, love and much respect to Leah from Hill’s Kitchen, Kim from Summit to Soul, Laurie from East City Books, Gail from Clothes Encounters of a Second Kind, Jasmine from Jacob’s Coffee House, Lindy from Music on the Hill, Pial from Quavaro, Berna from Antiochia, and Nya and Zuri from Hunny Bunny Boutique, among many, many others. Are you a woman-owned business on the Hill and we missed you? Send us mail at info@thehillishome.com

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