05 Mar 2019

Hill Buzz

Can’t think of a better way to kick off Mardi Gras than with King Cake doughnuts, Washington Cream Pie (?!) and a gorgeous splash of color from all those frames. Thanks for the tag, @FOM_wanderings! Tag your photos #thehillishome so we can feature them!

Good late morning and happy Fat Tuesday, Capitol Hill! Hope the cold isn’t bothering you too much; it looks as though the arctic chill won’t hang around for the weekend, anyway. Here are a bunch of links for your knowledge pleasure, plus some earworm because I can’t stop playing this new Jonas Brothers song.

On to the news:

Red Bear Brewing is opening March 9 and Kenyan McDuffie is seeking funding to address our local nightmare also known as the Dave Thomas Circle. Frozen Tropics

All the ANC meetings that are fit to attend, plus a couple other tidbits in there. Capitol Hill Corner

Eagle PCS is staying at Navy Yard for another year, making parents relieved. However, the larger question is, how we can make so much room for condos of all kinds and somehow not insure that schools have continued space to operate? WTOP

More than a couple of familiar names in this year’s DC-area semifinalists for the James Beard Award. Washingtonian

A surveillance video showing what transpired during the shooting at Quora back in late January has been released. NBC Washington

Looks like Dacha at the Navy Yard (Dacha South?) will be ready to open just in time for baseball. The iconic face watching over all the people drinking beer will be Jackie Kennedy Onassis in this new iteration. Eater DC

Hallway pizza is officially a thing. Eater DC, again

The water taxis have officially returned and I, for one, am super excited about this. LocalKicks

The Roost is coming home to, um, roost at 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue this fall. WCP

Marines: They’re just like us! DCist

Speaking of wind, I’m sure Ryan Zinke’s ex-neighbors right off Lincoln Park are overjoyed. Politico


Could we be getting closer to becoming the 51st State? Read on and make sure you subscribe to Neighbors United for DC Statehood‘s newsletter.

Nope, Metro is still going to close early. Pretty sure Mayor Bowser must be annoyed. WAMU

Uplifting: She used to eat out of the garbage cans at the Union Station food court, but now she helps those who were in her situation. Washington Post

If you call 911 for a lesser emergency, an ambulance may not be dispatched to your location– and this sounds like a good idea. WTOP

Off-Hill but touching and just a bit sad:

Home Rule on 14th Street is closing after 20 years of business. You’ll be missed. Washingtonian

Happy Women’s History Month!

DC is apparently the 4th best state in the nation, as measured by several different variables by the folks at WalletHub. Take a look.

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