05 Feb 2019


Where to Watch the SOTU Tonight

Many of you will be staying in, doing your own thing, possibly binging your latest love on Netflix. But for many of you, especially here on the Hill, your first love happens to be politics and today’s speech may be a doozy (or it may not): It’s State of the Union address night!

First, the protocol stuff:

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has invited Faye Smith to be her guest at the SOTU tonight. Ms. Smith is a DC resident and a federally-contracted Smithsonian security officer, as well as a mother and grandmother who faced near eviction during the Federal shutdown.

Mayor Muriel Bowser will be attending the SOTU as a guest of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The President will be arriving at the Capitol by 8:40 p.m. and the speech will formally begin at 9:10 p.m. It is expected to last about an hour.

Pregame by reading Politico on all things State of the Union (it’s an endless scroll), then get ready to celebrate, collaborate and listen:

Road closures. See larger map over at WTOP.


Looks like the Hawk ‘n’ Dove, 329 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, might be THE place to go, as there will be a SOTU Response party to cheer Stacy Abrams, the first African American woman to deliver the response. They will also have Flip Night, where the law of averages decides whether the bar pays for your drink or not.

Wisdom, 1432 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, will have the Donnie Wallbanger for $6.Galliano, Vodka and orange juice have never had a better name.

The Big Stick, 20 M Street SE, has both the Capitals game and the SOTU, plus drinking specials and a killer drinking game (“drink every time Speaker Pelosi looks annoyed” will get us all drunk by 9:15 alone)

At Mission Navy Yard, 1221 Van St., SE, you can watch the speech with DC Young Republicans and Arlington Falls Church Young Republicans, while you enjoy drink and nacho specials as well as bask in a little bit of situational irony.

Union Pub, 201 Massachusetts Avenue SE, will have colorfully-named drinks on special: “This Drink Isn’t Fake It’s Good Genes,” and “Who’s Gonna Pay for It?–Mexico,” plus a selection of cheap beer and rail drink specials.

You can also watch the speech from Duffy’s, 1016 H St NE, where they will be playing SOTU Bingo.

At FinnMcCool’s, 713 8th Street SE, the deal cannot get better than this: Ladies’ Night. From 8 to 10 p.m. LADIES DRINK FREE!!!! NO BS!!!! FREE FREE FREE! Honestly, we’re all going to need it.

(Big thanks to Washingtonian for many of these specials. If you want to watch the speech elsewhere in town, check their list out here.)

SOTU Bingo

Speaking of SOTU bingo, there are some nice ones out there, from the educational to the angry feminist. Whether you’re watching at home or drinking with friends at a bar, why not print a few cards up and play along?

From the National Constitution Center (could be good for parents, has lesson plan)

From the Sierra Club


From the League of Women Voters

Finally, a DIY bingo from the Washington Post. Bonus points for creativity!

Street Closures

Also, heads-up! There will be road closures, obviously. The Capitol Police sent around the list of road closures, which will be in place starting tonight at 7 p.m.:

  • Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, from Third Street Northwest to First Street Northwest
  • Constitution Avenue Northwest, from Louisiana Avenue Northwest, to Second Street Northeast
  • First Street Northwest, from Louisiana Avenue Northwest to Washington Avenue Southwest
  • New Jersey Avenue Northwest, from Louisiana Avenue Northwest to Constitution Avenue Northwest
  • D Street Northeast, from Second Street Northeast, to Louisiana Avenue Northeast
  • Delaware Avenue Northeast, from Columbus Circle Northeast to Constitution Avenue Northeast
  • First Street Northeast, from Columbus Circle Northeast to C Street Southwest
  • C Street Northeast, from Second Street Northeast to Delaware Avenue Northeast
  • Maryland Avenue Northeast, from Constitution Avenue Northeast to First Street Northeast
  • Second Street Northeast, from Constitution Avenue Northeast to East Capitol Street Northeast
  • East Capitol Street, from Second Street Northeast to First Street Northeast
  • Independence Avenue, from Second Street Southeast to Washington Avenue Southwest
  • C Street Southwest, from Washington Avenue Southwest to First Street Southeast
  • Delaware Avenue Southwest, from Washington Avenue Southwest to C Street Southwest
  • South Capitol Street, from D Street Southeast to Independence Avenue Southeast
  • New Jersey Avenue Southeast, from D Street Southeast to Independence Avenue Southeast
  • Maryland Avenue Southwest, from Third Street Southwest to First Street Southwest

If you’re a pedestrian, you may not walk through here starting at 5 p.m.:

  • First Street, between Constitution Avenue Northwest and Independence Avenue Southwest
  • Independence Avenue, between Washington Avenue Southwest and Second Street Southeast
  • First Street, between Independence Avenue Southeast and Constitution Avenue Northeast
  • Constitution Avenue, between Second Street Northeast and Louisiana Avenue Northwest

(Thank you to WTOP for the map)


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