12 Jan 2019

Eastern Market:

Send Your Comments to the Eastern Market Metro Park Project

One of the possible layouts for the Eastern Market Metro Park. Via survey.

Do you want to share your input on what the Eastern Market Metro Plaza should look like and which amenities it could/might/should have? If so, make sure you click this link  and fill out the survey. You have until Friday, January 18 to do so! Make sure you pass it on to your neighbors as well. You can also read more information on the December 13 meeting and review the plan introduced at that meeting by clicking this link. Go on! Tell them what you think!

A word about poured-in-place (PIP) rubber, one of the suggested materials for the new playground: A group of District parents called DC Safe Healthy Playing Fields has been raising awareness regarding PIP playgrounds and artificial turf. From a letter we published back in August of 2018, these parents “…oppose the District’s plans to install more synthetic turf of any type on playing fields or playgrounds. These plastic carpet systems and infills are exposing our children and environment to harmful toxicants.” You can read the rest of the post here.

P.S.: Where can we vote to rename the street Suth Caroolina? 

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