14 Nov 2018


Update from your ANC Commissioner

by @katiemac72 on Instagram

We periodically share updates from your ANC commissioners. Although these are most pertinent to particular single member districts (SMDs), we feel the information shared can be of interest to the whole Capitol Hill community. Are you an ANC commissioner who shares regular updates? Add thehillishome@gmail.com to your distribution list, please! – Maria Helena Carey & Kate McFadden

Update from Kirsten Oldenburg, 6B04


DPW has announced this year’s fall leaf pickup schedule.  Full details are here including a digital version of the brochure.  Apparently the brochure has also been mailed to all households (mine hasn’t come yet; never did last year).

Once again, there will be two rounds of pickups and Ward 6 is divided up into 5 sections, A-E. Those of us residing south of East Capitol are in C (first pickup week of November 19), D (November 26), or E (December 6).  Section C also includes some areas north of East Capitol. Those north of East Capitol in section A were scheduled for pickup the week of November 5 and in B, week of November 12.

According to DPW “This year we have introduced a new app that residents can register for on our website. The app will remind residents when DPW is coming through their neighborhood and alert them of any service disruptions.”  

Collections of holiday trees and greenery will occur between January 14 and February 2, 2019.


The total number of crimes reported within ANC6B and PSAs 106 and 107 in October 2018 rose compared with September 2018.  In PSA 108, though, total crimes decreased.  And, because of 10 reported robberies, the CH violent crimes chart on my attached excel file increased from 9 in September to 11 in October.  At least, only 1 of the 10 robberies included a gun.  That one occurred in PSA 108 on October 13.

ANC6B (129 in October vs 115 in September): more robberies and stolen autos

PSA 106 (68 vs 53): more thefts and thefts from auto and a homicide

PSA 107 (90 vs 83): more thefts from auto and robberies but fewer thefts

PSA 108 (42 vs 49): fewer thefts and thefts from auto but a homicide

Shoplifting continues at CVS (500 block 12th SE) and 7-11s (400 block 8th & 600 block PA).  Of the 35 thefts reported in PSA 107, 18 of them occurred at one those addresses.  I have marked those on the PSA 107 tab and also marked all the robberies on the detail tabs for 106, 107, and ANC6B.  I had a hard time trying to identify a report for the October 19 car jacking at Watkins Elementary School, 400 block 12th SE.  It appears to be listed as a robbery on the 1200 block of E SE.  

As always, you can get daily crime/arrest report info and much more on the MPD 1D Yahoo Group.  I recently heard Chief of Police Newsham talk about his theory that homicides in DC will not abate until prosecutors and judges get tough on individuals who are arrested for the possession of illegal firearms.  I will try to get the statistics he cited and share with all.  


The annual event will take place on December 5 this year.  You can make nominations until November 16.  Go here for all the details.


Starting in January, I will be serving another 2 years as Commissioner for ANC6B04 and look forward to welcoming 4 new 6B Commissioners: Brian Ready (03), Steve Holtzman (05), Corey Holman (06), and Kasey Clark (09).


ANC6B04, 202-546-8542, www.kirsten6b.org

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