01 Oct 2018


The First VR Arcade Featuring MARIO KART in the US Opens TODAY at Union Station

Location of the VR Arcade within Union Station. Photo by Maria Helena Carey

Do you love video games? Do you love arcades? Do you want to look like a crazy person shouting at nothing and immerse yourself in a world of virtual reality for about 5 minutes? Then make sure to stop by Union Station starting today, October 1 at noon. The new VR arcade is at Union Station, food court level, and you can try out three different games: Argyle Shift, Ski Rodeo and YES YES YES Mario Kart VR. Each game is $8 to try, and while you wait, you can play either Pac-Man or Galaga on a very large screen behind the main arcade. (Yes! Pac-Man AND Galaga!)

My kids and I tried it and while we all absolutely loved it (see embedded tweet), the boys felt that there were parts that did not feel very realistic (?!) and sometimes the speed control did not feel in sync with the screen action. I believe this means that at least one of them is ready to try Ski Rodeo, which if you click on the link above is described as the game that “will have you screaming for your life.” I had a blast riding through all the courses as Peach, and when we moved from track to track and you felt like there was no road underneath you, that kind of adrenaline was good enough for me.

If you go:

WHAT: VR Arcade, featuring Mario Kart VR

WHERE: Union Station, food court level. 50 Massachusetts Avenue NE

WHEN: Officially starting today at noon, through April.

HOW: Mill about, look uncomfortable, grab some poke maybe? Shell out $8 per about 5 minutes of game play.

WHY: Because honestly? IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.



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