10 Oct 2018


A New Headstone at Congressional Cemetery

A new headstone at Congressional Cemetery is hardly of earthshaking import, but in this case, it was most certainly worth going to the ceremony.

150 Years ago, while in D.C. trying to renogotiate a treaty, Ut Sin Malikan of the Nez Perce tribe died. Reports differ on whether he died of Typhus or from falling from a window. He was buried in Congressional Cemetery.

It was recently noticed that the headstone was badly damaged, and that a new one should be put up. This was coordinated between Mike Brophy of the Baltimore Cemetery and the Paul family, descendants of the Chief.

This is Jesse Paul, his great-great-grandson

…and Dr. Rosemary Paul, his great-great-granddaughter.

Various grasses and Sage were burned as part of the ceremony

Unveiling the headstone

The Paul family had worked with Brophy to determine the exact text on the new headstone. Here, Jesse Paul reads it out.

Eagle feathers were an important part of the ceremony.

After the ceremony, there was an opportunity to ask questions.

The outside world – in the form of helicopters -intruded several times, including Marine 1.

The marker is hardly big enough to tell the whole story, so his seeing Lewis and Clark as a young boy is not mentioned.

Eagle feathers being put away until they are needed again.

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