19 Oct 2018


Carjacking Outside Watkins Elementary This Morning

This morning, a Watkins Elementary mother lived through something none of us ever want to have happen to us: Someone carjacked her while her 5-year old was inside the car. Per MPD:


Good morning First District community,

MPD is currently investigating an incident that occurred by Watkins Elementary School, at 12th and E Street, SE, shortly before 8:30am.

As our complainant was there to drop a child at school, the complaint observed, what we believe to be a theft from auto. The complainant exited their vehicle and went across the street to ask the suspects, who were in a Honda Fiat, to return the property to the vehicle.

While this discussion was occurring, one of the suspects exited the Honda Fiat vehicle and crossed the street to our complainants vehicle and entered through the drivers side door that was left ajar. Our complainant ran across the street and attempted to get back into the vehicle and was unsuccessful. This vehicle had a 5 year old child in the back seat. The suspect was able to take the vehicle and flee with the child inside.

These circumstances were not yet known to a First District officer, who was on patrol in immediate area. He noticed a vehicle traveling at a higher rate of speed and attempted to stop it by activating his emergency equipment. As the vehicle was traveling fast the officer was unable to initiate a traffic stop; however he, shortly thereafter, located the vehicle with the child safely inside in the 300 block of 16th St SE. The suspect was not in the car or visible to the officer when the officer located the vehicle.

Anyone with information about this event is asked to contact MPD on 202-727-9099 or by texting 50411.

Morgan C. Kane, MPA
Commander, First District
Patrol Services South
Metropolitan Police Department

Charles Allen had this to say on Twitter:

Neighbors: It’s pretty clear that we are experiencing an uptick in crime of different kinds around the Hill. Please look out for one another and be safe. Please, also remember to lock your car when you walk away– people have had their cars stolen while they pumped gas because they left their cars open. We are so glad mom and child are reunited and hope they are able to heal quickly.

Updated 2:14 p.m.: The mother involved in the carjacking shared this post with local list serve New Hill East:

My son and I were the ones involved in the situation this morning. We are ok!

I wanted to let everyone know exactly what happened:

I was dropping my son off at Watkins to catch the bus to Peabody. I double parked behind what I believe was a light colored minivan. As I put the car in park I noticed a kid getting out of what I believe to be dark blue or dark gray four-door sedan (pointing in the other direction). He then opened up the door of the minivan and was trying to steal a Wallet or a purse or something like that – Rummaging through the car for a couple of seconds.

I put my car in park left the door open and when I got out of my car I confronted him very calmly and asked him to put the Wallet back or to drop it in the street. He got back in the sedan in the backseat and I went up to the car and asked him again to give me the Wallet back.

Their car couldn’t go anywhere because there was construction going on, and other cars coming towards Watkins. So, the kid decided to jump out of his car and dash into the drivers seat of my car, with my son in it. I jumped on him, half in the car and half out of the car.

He floored it and drag me maybe 10 feet and then the car jostled and I fell out. My son was still in the car so I sprinted after the car but obviously could not catch him.

Luckily, there was a police officer at the corner at CVS. Amazing man! He saw my car speed away and take a right in front of Watkins. The police car chased after him and finally caught up to the car after the car was ditched on 16th and D St. The kid apparently got out and ran away. I think there was a witness but I’m not 100% sure.

My son was still in the car and fine. Once I got to him and hugged him long and hard, and made sure he was OK he said, “the car was going very fast and the man didn’t even put his seatbelt on!” Pretty amazing 🙂

What a terrible morning this was but I am so glad that we are OK and no one else was hurt. There were so many parents and kids around that something more could have happened and I am grateful nothing did.

Please inform police if you saw anything. I personally did not get a license plate number or a good look at the kid.

Does anybody know who’s (sic) minivan that was? I did not recognize it.

What a truly horrifying morning but I’m glad everyone is OK.

Much love!

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