05 Sep 2018


Hill Buzz

Newsflash: ALL THE BUTTERFLIES! Photo by @monikerDC via our Instagram tag #thehillishome.

It’s not Tuesday but you can still wish me a happy birthday! Some of the birthday presents that the Powers That Be saw fit to give me this year are the DC Auditor’s survey on DCPS principals and excerpts from Bob Woodward’s latest book. While I catch up on my, um, light reading, here are some news for your Wednesday:

Larry Janezich has a photo post on all the major developments being built around the SE/Hill East area. Take a look: That’s a lot of construction. Capitol Hill Corner

DCist asks whether DC “should” get a football stadium. Maybe the better question is more nuanced: Would DC be happy bringing the Washington Football Team back into the city limits? Are Wards 6 and 7 ready to have a major stadium rebuilt at their juncture? If the stadium is built, will the name change to something less offensive? No matter what the question, it’ll be tough to get a majority of the council on board. DCist

Case in point: This neighbor took the time to write a letter to the editor of the Washington Post saying NO. Washington Post

“How to Attract Millennials and Other Things That Keep Marketers Up at Night” is a great title for a book. Bisnow

A dispatch from the front lines of the War on Actual Rats. Read only if you have a strong stomach. Washingtonian 

Look how adorable Kim from Summit to Soul looks in this article about running to work! Washington Post

Valor Brewpub will open later this month downstairs from the Ugly Mug and it looks exciting AND delicious. Washington City Paper

Coda on H has Hello Alfred and a whole host of amazing amenities that make us wish we could just move in. Bisnow


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