03 Jul 2018


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Photo of Ledo’s Pizza by Tommy Nguyen, via Twitter. Thank you for tagging us, Tommy!

Happy Tuesday! Or about as happy as it gets these days anyway. Talk to me after the Colombia-England game and we’ll see about happiness. What’s going on around the neighborhood?

Newsflash: It’s really hot. And to boot, H Street NE lost power over the weekend. WJLA

PSA: The businesses along the 1200-1400 block of H Street were seriously affected by the power outage over the weekend. Be a sport and support them extra hard this week, won’t you?

Some British guy showed up at Wunder Garten in NoMa. NBC Sports

Yes, we’re totally trying to play it cool that Wayne Rooney is joining DC United. He’s here to score– is that news, though? MLS Soccer

In case you missed it, the Mayor’s office wants to hear parents’ thoughts about schools (click on the link to give your feedback). No word yet on whether they’ll listen to the parent feedback, but it’s a start. OurSchools

Even though we regularly have people urinating on the street, the 1300 block of H Street is getting fancy-pants, dress-code-required ramen. I mean, why not? Eater DC

Y’all. Forbes is covering the gentrification suit and it’s like we’re legit now. Takeaway quote: ““I would like some acknowledgement from the city that they have preferences for groups of people,” Theresa said. “All of these things represent thefts. They were taking from one community and giving to another.”” Forbes

Follow-up: A musical about gentrification! DCist

Safeway is underway and, of course, there will be luxury apartments, but there will also be affordable units. Charles Allen says in his weekly email, “When it reopens, a new 60,000 sq ft Safeway will be on the first floor with 325 apartments above, including 45 set aside as affordable housing (60% AMI).”  WTOP

I may not always agree with what Dan Silverman chooses to share on his hugely successful blog, but I have tremendous respect for him and his work ethic. He would like to remind you he’s a person. PoPVille

Reminder: The Barracks Row Fourth of July Parade is tomorrow, of course! More info here. The Hill is Home

If you’ve never had bluebucks for breakfast, has your life been devoid of meaning? Washingtonian

Ledo Pizza is open on H Street and judging by the amount of retweets on Tommy Nguyen’s original tweet tagging us, you guys are VERY EXCITED.


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