12 Jun 2018


Hill Buzz

Some getup and go for your Tuesday from @PhysicalityGStreet, via our hashtag #thehillishome

There was a horrific accident on Friday night in the 1100 block of H Street NE, where a car struck a motorcycle and dragged the passenger for over a city block. The accident closed down two blocks of H Street for several hours. The victim was USA Today reporter Oren Dorell. Our condolences to his family and friends. What a terrible, senseless death. USA Today

Rogue commenters everywhere, rejoice! DCist is back, kicking butt and taking names and quoting Denise Krepp in the aptly titled (at least on the URL), “What the Bleep is Going on With Reservation 13?” DCist

The World Cup starts on Thursday at 11 a.m. and my body is ready. WTOP is ready for it as well, as they introduce a series on who’s watching the World Cup and where. I’m all in for Colombia, but it looks like I may have to root for Iran over at Dirty Water. I also need tissues. WTOP

Speaking of the World Cup, Eater comes to the rescue. Nice to see Stable and The Dubliner representing our area in this round-up. You can also catch games at The Big Board (not mentioned in the article), btw. Eater

Yesterday we had a blink-and-you-missed-it bomb threat in the Navy Yard area. Unsettling. Washington Post

In exciting news for your stomach, Capitol Hill area restaurants won big in last night’s RAMMYs. Check out the entire list of winners here. Washingtonian

It’s always cool to read articles gushing about our neighborhood. Passport Magazine


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